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Stranger 2051_5734, Mask 5747_9862 (NCZ, Deathmatching)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 2051_5734, Mask 5747_9862
Date of rule breach: 10/5/2018
Time of rule breach: around 12 am GMT+3 

Your characters name: Yuval Gotlin
Other players involved: Mask 4592_4766

Specific rule broken:
6.8 No crime zones
6.8.1 A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or
their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime
that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime.
6.8.5 A list of NCZ areas:
● The area around and the interior of all active banks.

How did the player break the rule?: Mask 4592_4766 gave me a ride to the general store near the bank, i got off and started running towards the bank. I was on the street of the bank when the 2 guys in the phantom rolled in, they followed me across the street of the bank and then shot me (started recording only when this happend).

Evidence of rule breach:
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8 hours ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

@Dashingly Stranger 2051_5734 // Leron_Davis. @Phil McGee Mask 5747_9862 // Phil_McGee. Both have 24 hours to respond with their side off the story.

Kind regards


Phil and I were both informed by @ItzKnight that if it doesn't say that there is an NCZ on the bottom of your screen or if you type /ncz and it shows that you aren't in an NCZ, then you aren't in an NCZ. NobodyLTU (or another dev) specifically marked the NCZ's with /NCZ. 

Here's a few examples of what I mean (notice the bottom left of the screen as I enter/leave NCZ areas):

Here's directly where the bank stops being an NCZ: https://gyazo.com/dc70ba4c9872b9446356aab7b13da027

If you look on the bottom left of the screen where it says NCZ in blue text you can see what I'm saying.

You can clearly see that the road stops being an NCZ as soon as we pass the bank. This makes sense ICly as well, because the bank wouldn't have security and cameras at the shops and general stores behind the bank.

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Hello everyone.

After talking to other staff members about this report. and talking about this being a NCZ with a Head Admin. I have come to the following conclusion:

@Dashingly Stranger 2051_5734 // Leron_Davis.
@Phil McGee Mask 5747_9862 // Phil_McGee.

Will both recieve a friendly warning on NCZ. Keep in mind this is not a punishment but just a warning for if it happens again in the future. Here is a Quote from a head admin:


You can still say it’s an NCZ, the script is to prevent actual script functions automatically

Please keep in mind that this is still part of the NCZ as its still in the same area as the bank.
The reason I only will be giving a warning is that I believe that learning something can be more importand then a punishment. I feel no harsh punishments are needed for this report.
I will ask @HaminLord to make a refund request for loss of items and put a link to this report with it.

Report Accepted and Archived.

Kind Regards

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