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Mask 7645_8205 ( NON-RP 6.6, NLR 6.5 )

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 7645_8205
Date of rule breach: 2018-10-05
Time of rule breach: ~01:30 AM 

Your characters name: Vova Barkovich
Other players involved: a lot

Specific rule broken:
" 6.6 Non-roleplay
6.5 New life rule"

How did the player break the rule?: I was just sitting in my car near bank, and guy just randomly ramms me with a bike tells me that im mental, then my friends starts to follow him, he got off the bike and started to shoot at them, we got him at the store and when he was injured he sended 2 messages to someone. After he died he came back to the same place to try and pick his bike.

Evidence of rule breach: Whos gonna take the report, then i will send the evidence to that admin.
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After reviewing the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report.

Edvinas_Nendre | Mask 7645_8205 broke Fear RP by sending texts on his phone at gun point. You were only downed, not dead. You character does not die until you re-spawn at the hospital. Player also broke the NLR by coming back to the scene of his death only moments later but he did not interact with his killers. 

Edvinas_Nendre | Mask 7645_8205 will receive his first warnings for both breaking Fear RP and NLR.

Report Accepted

Locked & Archived

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