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Mask 9145_2357, Mask 6686_5796 - 7.3 VDM

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 9145_2357, Mask 6686_5796

Date of rule breach: 04/OCT/2018

Time of rule breach: 14:30

Your characters name: Jay Bacon

Other players involved: N/A

Specific rule broken:03b6031be0.png

How did the player break the rule?: Players had just robbed a store, I approached cautiously, when they fleed I chased them, about 2miles down the road they opened fire on my cruiser, I immediately braked and reversed away from them, they followed me, upon stalling my vehicle I decided I needed to fight back to survive. They repeatedly struck my cruiser and my person to prevent me from returning fire. 4 successful VDMs along with a couple failed attempts.

Evidence of rule breach: Evidence contains staff chat thus will be sent directly to admin handling the case.

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Hello @Jbacon and thank you for making a report.

After reviewing the evidence I have come to the following conclusion. Judging by the experience the player has I can assume that the reported player knew the rules about VDM and how it is only allowed to hit someone once with a vehicle in which an attempt also counts as a hit. In the footage it can be seen that after the officer leaves his vehicle when the engine is stalled, the driver (Mask 9145_2357) hits the officer a total of 4 times either hurting him or forcing him in a ragdoll state.
Because of this fact, player Per_Daksen / Mask 9145_2357 will recieve a punishment for Vehicle Deathmatching (normal) #1.

Thank you

Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)

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