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2 Attempted KoS

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Player(s) being reported:Stranger 895_9172
Date of rule breach:03.10.2018
Time of rule breach:17:15 UTC+3 

Your characters name:Sten Lohk
Other players involved:Chris Pepper

Specific rule broken:
" 7.4.1 Kill on sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay."
How did the player break the rule?:0-18 First encounter.I wanted to drive to him and ask "What's going on here?" after saying that the suspect had started going
wild and attempted to kill me with no engagement of roleplay or no IC reason.
19-59 Second encounter.We wanted to find him and to ask him that why did he tried to kill me but after arriving near him he started shooting at me with no engagemnt of
roleplay and no IC reason again...

Evidence of rule breach:
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After reviewing evidence, and no response from Tyrone_Dent/895_9172It appears he is guilty of Deathmatching

Tyrone_Dent/895_9172  Will receive the following punishment: Deathmatch | Offense #1 24 Hour ban

Feel free to make an appeal


Report Closed/Archived

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