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A group of people. Metagaming/Fail RP

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Player(s) being reported: @Dmitrij Nagiev (MASK 5564_7702), @PELEDA19(Mask 8097_6723), @Accardo(Mask 5973_5587),
@Moffe (Mask 4116_3051)
Date of rule breach:10/2/2018
Time of rule breach:2:40pm PST

Your characters name: Jaimie Deegan
Other players involved: @37hh(Mask 7176_5749), Kevin_Lewis , Alex_Matters, Matthew_Howard, @Archaeah, @Furbz

Specific rule broken:
6.3 Metagaming
6.3.1 Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay
scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord.
6.6 Non-roleplay
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