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Mask 9234_9900 (16) (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

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Player being reported: Mask 9234_9900 (16) 

Date of rule breach: 9/31/2018

Time of Rule Breach: 12:50 UTC +2

My Character: Kassidy Mane

Other Player(s) involved: Elizabeth Cooper

specific rule broken:
" Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. "

How did he break the rule?
When I was down from the guy shooting me he then came to rob me, medic arrived then he turn around and killed me

Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5bb1fd344b8e87a437/ok-then

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Sup y'all.

I was riding the blue Bati with my friend, Daniel Harm, when we tried to pull you over. He shot at the air, specifically told you to stop your car. Not only you didn't stop your car, but you also tried to ram me and kill me, and your friend in the passenger seat tried to shoot me (I think he did, my memory is a bit foggy right now, apologies). Harm, the person that was on the passenger seat of my bike, shot you and your friend multiple times and then he was downed after your friend shot him. I came around the corner and saw the person that tried to commit vehicular manslaughter and kill me, which was you, on the ground. I finished my unfinished job executed you. 

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Hi, Elisabeth Cooper here.

I rolled up on a 911 call for an injured citizen on the street (who turned out to be Cassidy) about a minute or so earlier. I rolled up; and saw that she was being robbed. Sadly something that happens often in full view of the medics, and halfway of me telling you to back off, you took out your gun and blatantly shot her dead. In full view of a medic, who has a direct line to the police. A medic who can give a perfect description about what you look like. A medic who had treated you twice earlier that day, and knew exactly who you were (you even flirted with me; and wanted to give me your number). Why did you ever think that was a good idea?

I took out my gun; not to hurt you but to find you and hold you until PD arrived (who, for your instance, were literally stationairy at the end of the street). Sadly you dissapeared into the night without a trace (I've rewatched my footage countless times, and I have no clue how you did that). I relogged to get the footage for the other staff members on scene, and logged back in to find you stealing my ambulance. Seeing as you stuck around to get to my ambulance so quickly, I presume you saw me leaving in chat. I even informed all parties in /o that I was leaving to check footage. It was 1:38 (in game) when I left, and 1:51 (in game) when I logged back in, which is roughly about three minutes IRL. I would like to bring up that this is not the first time that Shayan has stolen an ambulance, my coworker @Rodiz was LITERALLY telling me about it as I loaded back in. He's been verbally warned for this before, and this should not go unpunished; again. Yes, you left the ambulance in a ditch about 5 to 10 minutes later, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to:

  • Take it when you see me relog; and see me standing there as I was loading back in.
  • Drive off towards the airport, then circle back, almost running me over. (sure, I shouldn't have ran into the street, but I didn't expect you to go mach 5.)
  • Driving into a police scene at full speed, knowing full and well there were atleast 2 cruisers parked there. (Which in my opinion, was cop baiting. You could have driven off towards the Airport, or Mors, and we'd be none the wiser as to where you went. I was even happy with letting this RP play out; and go hunt for my ambulance myself instead of despawning it.)

To me at the time, this seemed like a DM breach. I can provide more footage if needed; but this is literally the only relevant bit. Before this I'm driving to the call, and afterwards I'm talking to PD, saying I'm relogging. I do have footage of him driving off in my ambulance, which I witnessed as I was logging back in and talking to a co-worker on Teamspeak about him: https://plays.tv/video/5bb4b5612061d675ea

Cassidy (who I still have alias'd as Michelle) asked me for my footage as soon as you killed her via in-game PM's. I provided it to her, as I was directly involved. Apologies for the blabber of Noah's stream in the background; I had no idea I was gonna witness this.

Best of luck to the reviewing party. If any more evidence is needed, you know where to contact me.

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What am I lying about Kassidy? Go ahead, explain the situation yourself. What happened? How did you get downed? How did Harm get downed? Why did you and your friend stop your vehicle? How come the recording doesn't actually show what happens? Anyone can record the 5 seconds of them getting executed and then cry about it on the forums and claim "RDM". I had no reason to save a video of me executing you, I rob and kill people on daily basis there was nothing special about your case. If there are damage logs, they can prove my side of the story.



Now regarding Elisabeth,

First of all, I had my mask on when I fired at Kassidy but I'm flattered that you remembered me; I'll always remember you too. Los Zetas is strict about shooting the medics and I didn't think you'd recognise me, so I didn't even try to shoot you or find a reason to shoot you. Over here, when I read you saying how I "Disappeared into the night without a trace", I blushed. I put pride in my work and it's good to see people appreciating it. After I executed Kassidy, I ran and hid somewhere. Luna, Sasha and I had a plans to free our friend Daniel Harm (Which succeeded hehe), and me distracting the cops was part of the plan. Now here's the part where I cannot give you proof and you can't give me proof either but I hope you take my word for it. I didn't stick around, I ran for my life, hid, and then came back to an empty ambulance. I didn't know who's it was and I didn't care either. I only had a motorcycle and I couldn't distract the cops with that. Now regarding your bullet points:

A. I did see you come back last second, but RP wasn't paused. Only admins can pause RP and despite how scummy what I did was, it was within the rules. I could have just said "Oh shit she was abducted my bad I'm gonna leave the ambulance here and pretend as nothing has happened" but I didn't, for obvious reasons.

B. As you can CLEARLY see in the video, I quickly swerved to the right after you tried to pull off an insurance scam and jump in front of a moving vehicle (Which is FailRP to my knowledge but honestly, instinctively we do turn and move towards what belongs to us so I am 100% sure you didn't just run in middle of the road to commit suicide or do FailRP).

C. I was supposed to distract the police officers so there would be fewer officers on the scene and Luna and Sasha could help Harm. If you ask the police officers on the scene, When Harm was stable and capable enough to reach for his radio, he specifically said “Pineapples” and then “Oranges” on the scene. Which means he’s “Not going to die” and he’s “Going to prison”. I am dead serious; you can ask Luna or Daniel Harm himself about the code words. That’s why I drove back and tried to help my friend

Now regarding the video of me being “Very experienced”. I know it seemed like I had lots of experience at the time, I am usually a quick learner, when I stole your ambulance to give the painkillers to my friend after you refused to do it yourself, it was my first week on the server, ~4th day if I can remember correctly. I don’t “actively” troll, if I did, I would get banned. There are moderators who have read my entire chat log just so they could find one evidence of metagaming and punish me for it. If you’re implying I break the rules and get away with them because moderators like me, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Try to record your games with Shadow Play so when you see the Big Bad Shayan actively troll, you can record it and give it to the admins. You won’t find any evidence whatsoever to back his claim of me actively trolling so I’m gonna leave my respond like that.


We’re here for the alleged DM so let’s not get distracted. I had a 24 hour KOS on Kassidy and her friend, I didn’t die while the KOS was active, I came back and finished the job. By all means, contact me on discord or ask it here if you have any other questions.

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After reviewing the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report.

The video evidence does not show the entire incident so no punishment will be issued. I can not make a ruling without seeing everything that happened prior to you being downed. 

Report Denied

Locked & Archived

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