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Jake Kingston - 3.3.2 - OOC insults, 6.6.1 - Non RP, 7.8.1 - Combat Logging 6.8.1 - NCZ

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Player(s) being reported:Jake Kingston

Date of rule breach: 01/10/2018

Time of rule breach: 01:30ish

Your characters name: Jay Bacon

Other players involved: Kyle Doherty, Charlie Williams

Specific rule broken:




How did the player break the rule?:

3.3.2 Player went to ooc insults, calling myself and other members of the pd on scene Noobs, and losers, yes these are minor insults, but if left ignored may result in larger insults later on.

6.6.1 He stunt jumped off the highway near MD at this location landing his car against the MD building, this is a 2 story drop, the player didn't seem to understand that this was non rp doing this.


7.8.1 - Player claim "my dad is turning off my wifi" while he was being detained, thus threatening to log off during rp, he was later seen making reports about stunt jumps and non rp, this was clearly an attempt to force either Death rp and/or force officers to speed rp during the situation, this is something that happens a lot and needs to be nipped in the but, players need to understand that if they start rp then need to be prepared to complete it, especially a pursuit, then shooting at cops.

6.8.1 - NCZ, player opened fire on officers after launching his car off the freeway in an attempt to flee, when his escape failed he started shooting at officers. I feel that as this is MD, this would be a breach of NCZ rules, if he had of just continued to flee on foot and then opened fire once clear of the NCZ that would of been okay, but shooting while in an ncz not so much.


Evidence of rule breach: Screen shot of the ooc insults has been sent to admin @Flucifial as it contains staff chat.

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Alright, I'll now be concluding this report.

The reporting parties video was corrupt and therefore the only proof of any rule breach is Offensive Language. 

Jake_Kingston (Stranger 1327_2915) will receive a warning for their first minor offense of Offensive Language.

Jake_Kingston (Stranger 1327_2915) is also reminded that stunt jumping and participating in a crime in a No Crime Zone is not allowed; please do not do it, we do not have evidence this time, but it can and will catch up with you if you continue.

Report Accepted/Archived


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