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The Pursuit:
After roughly a month long investigation, charges were placed over multiple crimes committed within the period of time and an arrest warrant was obtained to apprehend Jay Gamble. He had been tracked to various locations around the state, ultimately settling down at one his homes for a quick pit stop. Unknowingly to him, his phone was being tracked and he would soon be receiving a few unexpected visitors. 


The Raid:
In the early evening hours Sunday night, without warning his doors would get kicked in, immediately followed by the house being stormed by multiple SWAT officers, as well as detectives leading the investigation taking the residence by force. Ultimately they would successfully execute their raid, apprehending both wanted criminals, Jay Gamble and Kelly Beans without incident, as well as search and seizing several heavy weapons and some other various equipment. They would both be transported by a heavily armed SWAT convoy to Bolingbroke Penitentiary to serve out their sentences.





Going away for a long time is never easy, but sometimes with crime, comes some serious hard time. Figuring out how to pass that time can be difficult, and sometimes stressful but at the end of the day you just gotta man up and grind it out. Not much to do in there but work out, read, and chop it up with the guards and other inmates. Guess depending on who your stuck with, it isn't all bad though.



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After hearing of the apprehension of his close brother, Jay Gamble, Colby Lidstrom quickly realized what has happened.

They've been caught, and this time, it was big.


Colby quickly takes action, studying the movement of the officers for hours, waiting for a time to learn of his charges.


Colby abuses the wealth of Los Zetas, bribing the innocent woman at the front desk to print him a list of his charges.



With the assistance of the original Zetas, founded in Mexico, Colby quickly flees across the border, finding himself comfortable in his home country.


Colby and the rest of the standing Zetas find themselves in Baja California, Mexico. All renting rooms in a small hotel, attempting to stay clear of authorities.


Colby and the standing members, along with the original Los Zetas begin planning their revenge, to cross back into Los Santos and strike the LSPD for stepping too far into territory they do not belong in.


To be continued..

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Los Santos Scrapyard

One of the primary places of business for the Zetas, utilizing the actual scrapyard as a legitimate front for our legal end of operations, and the concealed interior as a cover when we need to organize large meetings and such. We specialize in the recycling of paper, cardboard, miscellaneous car parts and at times the sales of illicit stripped down, low end vehicles. Utilizing the various storage spaces and warehouse available, we are able to conceal high volumes of illicit content, bundled within the paper and cardboard stacks, and seamless ability to transport hidden content within car parts, as well as assisting other operations, such as Benny's Garage for parts, to ensure their car operation never slows down.


Video credit to: @KeistuoliZ
His Work

Edited by JayGamble
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