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Mask 8925_9596, Mask 4947_1807, Mask 2067_863, Mask 5417_428 - Mess DM

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 8925_9596, Mask 4947_1807, Mask 2067_863, Mask 5417_428
Date of rule breach: 28/09/2018
Time of rule breach: Just now

Your characters name: Kevin Rose
Other players involved: none

Specific rule broken:

How did the player break the rule?: There is nothing else to add, I was just going to check the lab, we just arrived there then we saw there are people
so we made a U turn and left the area, and they started shooting, 0 RP, no reason, no previous interaction, we don't even know each other, killed me, looted me, and did not say anything IC'ly, NOTHING !!!
I was not even the driver ! and when the car was stopped - They never gave me a fair chance to put my hands up and let them take whatever they want !!!
Literally ZERO IC interaction !!!
These guys are not here to RP but probably for the kills.

*Note: Ignore the discord, I was talking with a friend and did not want to mute it so you will see no one spoke over VOIP or told me something, just mess dm.

Evidence of rule breach: https://youtu.be/s2qf0KD9g4I
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28 minutes ago, pwNEscobar said:

First of all lets think, your friend disconnected after he got shot, second of all if you were in a drug factory, what would happend to you if you're not authorized, when there's a bunch of weed, and you have masks on?

I had no mask, the driver did, we did nothing to you, read the rules and check when you are allowed to KoS, but it was not KoS because you had no reason to shot in the first place
and we had 0 IC interaction, you just started shooting.

The guy who crashed came back after roughly 50-60 seconds, logs can be checked, even your guys saw him when he came back.

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12 minutes ago, pwNEscobar said:

Well, lets think about real life, If you were in real life factory, you would get shot, simple, cause you came with a gang, when we had weed.

The guy who drove the comet is my friend, he is not in a gang.

I am in a gang, but no one from my gang came with me, this can be seen in the video, we can't see "blue" guys around.

I will not aruge anymore, you had no reason to shot, and even if you had (you didn't) - you have to RP it properly, but we had zero interaction, you just started to shot without any reason even when you saw us leaving - And even after the car stopped I wrote in /b "STOP THE DM" but you still ignored me, after the car was stopped you had to tell me to get out if you wanted to rob me !!! We did nothing to you but you continued to shot even when we were on the way to leave after we saw there are people in the lab.


I will not argue anymore, this mess DM is too obvious, you can't really defend yourself in this case.

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Hello @uriel250 and thank you making a report.

After reviewing all the evidence I have come to the following conclusion. The players who attacked the person who is seen in the video did so because they wanted to protect their drugs, without any RP they opened fire on this person, the person in the white contender also experienced the same thing which can be seen in this report https://plays.tv/video/5badefbd63e9118bbe/dm-kos

People approaching a drug farm where you are currently making drugs does not give you a valid reason to KoS them, you should initiate RP with them and tell them you want them gone and that if they dont leave that their will be consequences. 

For these reasons stated above the following players will recieve a punishment.

Jakob_Koenne / Mask 4947_1807 will recieve a 48 hour ban for Deathmatching #1 (normal)
John_Xeno / Mask 5417_428 Will recieve a 72 hour ban for Deathmatching #2 (normal)
Nicky_Cruz / Mask 2067_863 Will recieve a 72 hour ban for Deathmatching #2 (normal)
Rafe_Hikoshi / Mask 8925_9596 will recieve a 72 hour ban for Deathmatching #2 (normal)

I would like to suggest to all the players to take this time to read the rules thoroughly as these are not your first bans for deathmatching and a next rule break can have serious consequences.

Thank you for your patience.

Locked & Archived

Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)

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