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Mask 8925_9596,Mask 5417_428,Mask 4057_4725(7.2 Deathmatch / 7.4 Kill on sight / Ninjalooting)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 8925_9596 , Mask 5417_428 , Mask 4057_4725
Date of rule breach: 28/09/2018
Time of rule breach: 9:21 AM

Your characters name: Justin_Spice
Other players involved: 

Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch / 7.4 Kill on sight / Ninjalooting

How did the player break the rule?: I stayed to craft 2 Heroins. When the crafting started,
I thought i would go look for some videos to watch on youtube for later.
I alt-tabbed back after 20 seconds,and I realise I am shot dead.
I did not get any warnings,
I also scrolled back the chat and there were no writings either,which can be also seen on video.
What happened: They were camping the drugspot, they came in,instantly shot me to the ground,took my stuff, than killed me without a reason,or prior RP.

Evidence of rule breach: 

Here is when i realised something was wrong and quickly turned on Shadowplay.
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@gyrhnr, thank you for making this report.

Without seeing what happened prior to you being shot down, it is unknown whether they gave you enough time to respond to their demands. If you go AFK and players try to interact with you it will hinder their RP experience by talking to a "lifeless body". If they did in fact give you enough time to respond to their demands then they are not at fault for shooting you. Either way I can not issue a punishment based on the lack of evidence and you being AFK. 

Report Denied

Locked & Archived

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