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Bayview was the time of my life

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Dear everyone,

Bayview was my first and only job. I learned a lot here and I was glad I was able to learn other people the mechanic life.
I still remember my time before Bayview... Driving around in my trusty Bumblebus with my faction members. I was proud that I was allowed to protect Bayview. Bayview was always the best place for me and will always be. 
After a lot of working hours spend here I decided to move on as an unemployed person. I will always remember the great times and the sad times. The time people join and grow.. the time people leave and follow their dreams. I always said I am always completely behind someone's choice if the person is really sure he/she wants something. At this point, same goes for me.

I don't want to make this letter too big. Some people may know me as a person that doesnt realy get emotional, but this is probably one of the hardest letters I ever wrote in my life.

I wish EVERYONE the time of their life and best of luck. I will miss you guys...


Harvey Spencer



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I'm gonna miss you dearly. I'm glad you gave me the chance to rope you into the company, and I am so proud of the work you've done and the person you've become.

I hope unemployment suits you well, and if you ever need anything, never hesitate to reach out to me.

With love,


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