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Mask 8226_6195 (NLR,DM,cop baiting,fear rp,RDM)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 8226_6195 
Date of rule breach: 9/27/2018
Time of rule breach: time stamps are shown in-game in the evidence.

Your characters name: Steel_White
Other players involved: Luna_Lei

Specific rule broken:
6.5.1 < NLR // 6.6.2 < Cop baiting // 7.1 < Fear RolePlay // 7.2 < DM // 7.3 < Vehicle DM .

How did the player break the rule?: First of all he came to LSC,said to a cop "fuck you" or something like that for no reason (i was chit chatting with the cop at that point) Then he got out,we both got out with the cop and then he got inside his car,refused to leave car when officer asked him to,double hit me with the car (shown that it was intentional) and disappeared.
Then he appears again at LSC (also shown in video) i tell him to get out the car because the car belonged to my friend and the cop was already looking for him,he gets in the car without fear,turns it on starts driving - i start shooting , the vehicle stalls he gets out doesn't comply and randomly starts shooting when there's 2-3 guns aimed at him ,then he dies.
15 minutes later he appears on LSC roof trying to kill me even though he fully died (also shown in video) Randomly kills Luna and her friend even though Luna had a gun pointed at his back,he turns around and sprays them both down even though Luna's friend was in the car and didn't even have a weapon - she got killed as well. Then he starts shooting at me from the roof,fails and runs on foot. 5 minutes later he logs out.

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5bac6e55293d78e218/rdm-cop-baiting- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ge85wHDQpRg0F4kd8E8gSICV7kI5aV9e https://plays.tv/s/LulnLVT63xF3


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Hello and thank you for using the ECRP player report feature!

Mask 8226_6195|Astro_Lo will have 24 hours to respond with an explanation. As i could not locate this player via forum, if somebody could help notify him in game that would be very helpful. 

Thank you!

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Has this player been notified? I have tried to reach out myself and no response. However, as it has been more than 24 hours- 

punishments will be delegated as so. Astro_Lo will receive a 48 hr ban for VDM, as well as warnings for breaking NLR, Fear RP and cop baiting.


Thank you,

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