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Informative Letter From Peggy Permuy

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Hello Downtown Cab Company Staff,

It is with heavy sorrow and regret that I must announce the confirmed death of John Permuy, one of your team leaders, and a friend to many of you. John Permuy took his own life last night after he drank a high amount of whiskey. Apparently, he drove his Oracle and crashed a block away from the Los Santos Police Department, where he was found, bleeding, by a Cadet of the LSPD. The cadet helped John out of the vehicle, but John was very uncooperative and walked away from the Cadet, aiming a gun at his own head moments later. The Cadet attempted to talk John out of shooting himself, but it did not work.

One of John's fellow co-workers happened to drive by the situation, where he stopped to see what was wrong. He too attempted to talk John out of shooting himself, but this only lead to John running across the street and stealing his co-workers taxi, crashing it into another vehicle moments later. John fled the scene of that accident, but eventually met the Cadet again, where John was done running, and shot himself point blank.

John Permuy was a very business oriented man, however, he suffered from addiction of drugs and alcohol. He was very low-key about his addiction, and to most people, including me, he was not using anymore, but it now turns out, that this is not the case.

As John's legal wife, now widow, I am here to provide an official resignation notice from John Permuy, effective immediately.

Kind Regards,
Peggy Permuy 

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