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Stranger 989_547 (editing, post by accident)

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Players being reported: Stranger 989_547

Date of rule breach: 9/25/2018

Time of rule breach: Probably 3 PM or near that time.


Your characters name: Ryan Bando

Other players involved: a fuckload of cops in such video


Specific rule broken:

6.3.1 Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay
scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord.


How did the player break the rule?:  While hiding in a bush (your nametag is hidden btw) for around 10 minutes without a single person noticing me, this player "accidentally" hit into me which revealed my nametag slightly, causing them to all metagame the fact I was in the bush.  Someone literally ran into me before and didn't notice I was in there before.  He had no initial reaction until he saw my nametag.   I was notifying them throughout OOC chat that a lot of them had committed metagaming but nobody took care of the situation.  You could probably issue punishment to other officers you see fit.  Keep in mind I was in the bush for 10 minutes  and still in the bush once hit.  My character stood up afterwards causing them to metagame the fact I was in the bush in the first place by seeing my nametag.


Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/ebmmg


Considering I was arrested for nearly two hours, fined, and charged with "accessory attempting to murder" and this complaint will not be handled before I serve my jail sentence, I wish to be compensated somehow.

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It would be impossib to meta game your position due to you being crouched in a hedge, this would result in your name tag being invisible. After hitting you I would have felt a heavy vehicle impact and you stood up revealing your upper chest and head clearly, if I was to have missed you I must have been blind. I shall no longer post on this topic unless asked to by a member of the staff team. 


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....I'm aware my nametag was invisible, the fact you pushed my body was why it appeared and how everybody determined I was in there..  Did you read the thread?  I still in the bush.  I had a cop run into me for a solid 2 minutes and didn't metagame, why would you assume it was person?  Just an excuse.

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Hello, thank you for making this report.

After reviewing the footage I can clearly see that you were crouched and therefore they did not know your location, once the officer hit you in the bush he would have clearly noticed you and as he did he notified the other officers on scene revealing your location. I do not see any rules being broken here.

Report closed.

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