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Johnny_Ford (21) - Deathmatching / Breach of NCZ / Combat Logging

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Player(s) being reported: Johnny Ford
Date of interaction reported: 28/APR/2022.
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1651105510

Your character name: Charlie Wilkinson
Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken:

14. Deathmatch (DM)

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.


12. No Crime Zones (NCZ)

  • Inside or very near to a No Crime Zone, indicated by the HUD or /NCZ command, players may not commit any crime or disobey law enforcement orders but are allowed to flee, lie, or scam IC.


9. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)\
I was arresting Johnny Ford after he has been involved in a shootout and took him to Paleto Station to put him into the jailcells for what I have charged him with.
During the ride, he kept speaking in /b about what had happened to him and how upset he is about having been exposed to a rulebreak from a 3rd party resulting in his arrest and staff not being able to help him as he did not have evidence.

He only had a 9 minute charge given his new player status and I was still in the station when he came back out, where he continued ICly, where he was equally upset as OOCly, I remained in character and continued my conversation, though I was admittedly getting pretty tired of it, but it was all in character.

He then made a 911 call asking for a supervisor at the station, to which I replied that he is going to be waiting a while as all units were in situations.

This was the moment where he came up to me, punched me and ran away. I do not believe there was proper escalation leading up to this event, even if it had not been in an NCZ, which it was.

Furthermore, I created a /report asking for help in this situation, after which I was revived and the situation was voided, but also found out that Johnny Ford had logged out immediately after punching me. He had made me well aware that he only had 40 minutes of time left when I arrested him and I believe that he did actually have to go, however I believe he should not have engaged in the situation like that if he was on a limited time.

Evidence of rule breach

https://streamable.com/b7t60v Unfortunately, I do not have sound in this particular clip as of right now but I can get it if required, however DM/NCZ is still visible in this clip regardless. I was only informed of the combat logging through Kazji, who handled my ingame report.

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