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Stranger 1624_1794, Stranger 3857_5491, Stranger 671_8013 (6.6 Non-roleplay, 7.2 Deathmatch)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 1624_1794, Stranger 3857_5491, Stranger 671_8013
Date of rule breach: 9/20/2018
Time of rule breach: 10-11 PM EST

Your characters name: Philip Malfitano
Other players involved: Pretty much everyone that may be seen in the video.

Specific rule broken:
6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

7.2 Deathmatch
7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason.
An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
7.2.3 A player cannot kill their victim, if the victim is in compliance with the demands.

How did the player break the rule?: 
Me and my friend @ezys_, we were driving around in a journey and as we were passing through Benny's we've spotted some cars outside. We've decided
to check it out and to see what's going on. As we drove up to the garage itself, gates went up and we've spotted 15-20 people inside. I've told my friend 
'let's leave' multiple times, he decided to stick around. As soon as Stranger 1624_1794 and his friend ran up to us, we got told to leave. That's what we did, 
it's just that @ezys_ made a mistake by mimicking one of the guys, but that's not a valid reason to shoot somebody. Right after that Stranger 1624_1794 
decided to open fire on us which caused our engine to stall. Second bullet was meant for me, I got shot. Now, bear in mind that I've never said anything nor 
do to him, in fact I wasn't the one driving the journey. I fought back since I have the right to defend myself. I got injured at the end, right after that 
Stranger 1624_1794 started talking on his radio even though he got shot into his upper body multiple times/head from a close range with an Micro SMG. I 
consider that a non-roleplay behavior. Moving further, my friend @ezys_ never shot a single bullet during all that mess, keep in mind that all he did was to 
mimic one guy. He knew some of the guys that came out later on, he put his hands up and was screaming to 'chill'. He was complying, wasn't posing any 
kind of threat to anybody. In my clip you can't see a lot and I'm sure that there was more of them shooting at @ezys_ for no reason, but you can clearly 
see Stranger 3857_5491 and Stranger 671_8013 shooting and killing him.

I also would like to point out that this is not a terrorist server and with that being said, when was the last time you saw someone shooting somebody over a mimic?

Evidence of rule breach:
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Hey it's me Veron. You weren't driving around you just came in time somehow. I don't know how you knew about our meeting, but you stopped near our garage and when it opened you saw us. Then someone said leave the area, but because you are a cool guy you decided to come back. Then you have been warned once again to leave. You didn't listen and when guns were pointing at you your smartest friend decided to talk shit about us and then I started to shoot. And please stop METAGAMING, because i never met you in game, but you still somehow know my name.

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@stfuNerd, thank you for making this report and your patience for waiting.

After reviewing the evidence I found that no players had broken any rules. Both of you in the car were warned multiple times to leave the area. Then when two guys start running at you with guns, instead of flooring it to safety, the driver stuck around to mock the men. Unfortunately the driver's actions put your life at risk and you also put your friend's life at risk once you start opening fire with a machine gun. You can blame each other for putting each other's lives at risk.

Report Denied

Locked & Archived


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