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Jamal_Debose DM

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Player(s) being reported: Jamal_Debose
Date of rule breach:2018-09-23
Time of rule breach:18:30UTC

Your characters name:Darryl_Lemnbe
Other players involved:alot

Specific rule broken:
7.2 Deathmatch
7.2.3 A player cannot kill their victim, if the victim is in compliance with the demands.
7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if
the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands.
7.4 Kill on sight
7.4.1 Kill on sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay.

How did the player break the rule?: If we are trying to make this server become high quality roleplay server, answer me how is it possible to kill 
another player without interacting with him. Me and my friend were fixing up a car, when we saw players wanting to fuck with us. Theyve been circling 
around, not talking, minding their own business. Thats fine! Inviting 20 people to lsc to kos 2 guys is just a massacre. . . You can clearly see in the
video footage, theres a guy saying i was behind them, when he could have said that i need to comply to their demands. I started running because they
would have killed me, meanwhile i got shot out of nowhere. Me running away from criminals spotted another friend in contender. I tried to get away
from there, when i and my innocent friend got killed and ended by the same guy who didnt tell me anything earlier. 🙂 Im feeling very happy about
servers roleplay abilities, also i hope they can get far with new faction system. 

Evidence of rule breach:
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It’s great that you made this report but why are you making a report only with half of the situation and basically lying to try and get someone punished

7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; • There is an attempt to steal your valuables, or those of your group, if the value of theft is not less than $75.000 (this point excludes vehicles)

Here in this video prior to the events happening in your report you did this


You robbed two of our faction members threatening their life stealing a car and the items inside and then you killed one person and then left the other alive with all the descriptions, clothing, voices and other identifying properties available to them. Especially when you yourself was part of the robbery and was dressed exactly the same with the rest of your friends even with the same contender that you fled to trying to run away from the shootout at LSC

Also you took the stolen blue lynx and dropped it into the water

https://prnt.sc/kxslkq (owners screenshot for proof,number plate can be provided for confirmation)

So I don’t see the reason why are you trying to be passive aggressive in trying to call out someone’s rp skills when your faction is known to drop stolen cars into the water and engages into a report war with absolutely everyone after even the smallest encounters.

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Alright JamalBratan, I really don’t have anything against you killing me, that’s how you choose to role play. Engaging in without any confirmation is a serious gamble. When was the video made and can you prove that you got information from female character before going in and  killing us? Or was the video made after you killed us and begged for a video clip proving that it was us, since you were not involved in the robbery, neither did other 19 people. So my question is how did you know exactly who to shoot and if you shot him down was it a correct choice? Following into the second part of your response, I would love to ask, why are you being passive aggressive towards our faction about dropping cars into the water, when we clearly have confirmation that the following action is completely possible and legal. Source: 

Continuing about me being active in report section. 😄 I will always make reports for things that happen illegally, so I would help people improve (including myself), and the server would grow as a quality roleplay server, where things, such as: “hands up, 5 sekonds, 1, 2, 5 blet” *person gets killed* would never happen. 

Also JamalBratan thanks for sharing your perspective in this report, you see if we would have made this talk ingame, there would not have been any reports including you or your faction. I will be waiting for admins response, thanks for reading.

Edited by Tjml_
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I'm not sure how anything in here is illegal when even you yourself whisper to your friend that "Jamal's" guys are there because you robbed our members. Now you are trying to pull excuses for that fact that we have video evidence of a situation that makes all of this legal. And how did we know? the fact that members of your crew have seen the same people involved in the robbery circling around the spot we stay more than once, the fact that you guy's didn't change your appearances after the robbery is on you . I'm not sure why am i the one having to prove something here when you caused this situation yourself by deciding to rob members of our crew and received an in game response which you didn't like so you decided to report us with half of the story missing.

And insulting other people's rp skills when in the video that i provided you can see that one of your friends did exactly the same of “hands up, 5 sekonds, 1, 2, 5 blet” and tried to pull over a car with a bike, without backup being anywhere near and the only reason the driver of the blue lynx stopped is because he thought he knew the person who was on it and wanted to resolve the issue peacefully. But you shouldn't try to insult other groups rp skills when your own group is doing such realistic things as trying to stop a car with a sports bike .

Now why are you again using video's and info out of context when you can clearly see that the admin is answering a completely different question and its not even about the blue Lynx car in question and it is about your friends personal bike Double T. Plenty of Administrators will confirm that dropping cars into water is considered non rp and even yesterday night/today's morning there was in game announcements from one of the admins that people are not allowed to drop cars into the water on purpose

And i am not sure how is it possible to speak to any of you in game when all you do is shoot first and ask questions later and you clearly have this reputation in the server and anyone can confirm this. The whole server wants nothing to do with you guys because there is absolutely no pleasure in roleplaying with any of you and most of the encounters end up in shootings and reports. But you still keep engaging people that want nothing to do with you . You try to blame everyone else without taking any responsibility for causing situations like this

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Hey @Charlie Mangione

Not that i agree to being kos'd, it just happen so i just moved on, however the point I'm trying to make here is: "You can't invite the whole city to kill people who you didn't roleplay with". There are ~170 people around evenings, what if there will be another guy wearing the same outfit, or what if i've swapped clothes with someone without them knowing about this whole situation and in a meantime he just gets killed? The action JamalBratan chose is not acceptable, i would consider it non-rp, since he didn't know that it was me. Thanks to responding to this thread

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After reviewing the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report.

@Tjml_, you knew that Jemal was after you because you robbed his friends and yet you stayed around LSC, hiding on the roof, instead of going someone much safer. When your friend opens fire with a machine gun from a higher roof it should come to no surprise that you would also become a target not to mention their KOS rights from before.  They find your black contender and you dressed in the same clothes so there is no fault in Jemal shooting you. You're main point of contention is that they brought such a large crew to come after you which is not against the rules. 

Report Denied

Locked & Archived

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