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Alberto_Marcelino [ID 209] | 12. No Crime Zones, 14. Deathmatch

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Player(s) being reported: ID 209
Date of interaction reported: 22 April 2022
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1650662778 

Your character name: Amie_Koal
Other player(s) involved: ID 101, ID 187

Specific rule(s) broken:

12. No Crime Zones (NCZ)

  • Inside or very near to a No Crime Zone, indicated by the HUD or /NCZ command, players may not commit any crime or disobey law enforcement orders but are allowed to flee, lie, or scam IC.
  • If a player uses the NCZ for protection the attacker must wait for that player to leave the area.

14. Deathmatch (DM)

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)\
I was riding toward the court house when I saw ID 209 attacking a downed player (Unknown ID) right on the street in front of the court house. As I approached I noticed the player on the floor was dead completely and the ID 209 was beginning to walk away/leave. I am unsure any escalation between the two, any build up and so on I cannot say, however I added the DM as the location seemed odd, so chances are there was a lack of rule understanding.

Evidence of rule breach

I attempted to /pm ID 209 however the player had left the server.

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Thank you for submitting this player report.

This report will now be pending review by myself, @Homast & @Waryerz. During this time, I ask you to refrain from any back-and-forth in this report between players involved.


Ramo, Waryerz & Homast

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Thank you for your patience while this report is under review. 

After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, I have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. The following players will be required to provide their side of the story from this situation within the next twenty-four (24) hours:

[Alberto_Marcelino [ID 209]] (Notified In-Game)- Please provide any footage you may have, additionally, please answer the following questions for us :

Why can it be seen that you killed an individual within a No-Crime Zone. Are you aware of the rules surrounding NCZs?

[Paddy_Fingers] (Notified In-Game)  - Please provide any footage you may have, Additionally Please give us your side of the events leading up to the death of your character.

If the players above fail to respond to this report within the next twenty-four (24) hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Senior Moderator Ramo, Senior Support Homast, and Senior Support Waryerz

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After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, we've decided to accept this report and issue the punishments to the following player(s):

  • Alberto_Marcelino (209) - No Crime Zones | Attacking of a player within a No Crime Zone

The reasoning behind the punishment.
In the evidence provided by the reporting party, it is seen of Alberto_Marcelino finishing off Paddy_Fingers in front of the Court House which is considered a No Crime Zone. As per the rules, "Inside or very near to a No Crime Zone, indicated by the HUD or /NCZ command, players may not commit any crime". 

As for the claims of deathmatching, there is insufficient evidence to rule for this punishment so it will not be issued within this conclusion.

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, if you post another player report pertaining to this incident, you may be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free to file a punishment appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines and format. If the reporting party suffered a loss greater than $25,000 in value, feel free to file a refund request following the refund request guidelines and format


RamoHomast, & Waryerz

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