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Reporting MrWonAnother for admin abuse and unfair punishments

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I was recently in an interaction with MrWonAnother which ended up with me in admin jail for 120 and a non-RP. The situation was I was trying to park and accidentally bumped into his car. Someone standing right next to the car came up to me and kicked my car, so out of rage, I backed up into the car once again. The way this character acted clearly made it seem like it was his car by his clear anger in my hitting the car behind me. He stated that I DM'ed and hit someone for no reason even though I never hit anyone. I tried to explain the situation to him and the reason I hit his car a second time was that what I thought was the owner of the car kicked mine. MrWonAnother put me in dimension 2 and lied about me hitting a person and claimed I hit his car for no reason, even though you can tell the third character angered me IC. MrWonAnother then gave me a "maximum" punishment because I was only trying to explain the situation and the confusion that occurred. he even said OOC if he realized that I hit his car in the way that showed his admin power as an excuse to give me a punishment because he was mad. I believe that this is admin abuse because It is clear that he only gave me a punishment because he was mad I hit his car, and it is an unfair punishment because he only gave me an extreme punishment because I was trying to reason with him.

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