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Stranger 1253_735, Stranger 4417_5064 ( 6.2 Kill On Sight, 6.7.3, 5.1 )

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 1253_735, Stranger 4417_5064
Date of rule breach: 9/23/2018	
Time of rule breach: ~9:10 UTC

Your characters name: Yasin_Walker
Other players involved: 

Specific rule broken: Mostly 6.2. Kill On Sight
" 6.2.1. You are allowed to kill another player on sight, if that player had tried to kill you in the past 24 hours and if NLR has not been triggered. After 24 hours has passed, you must engage that player in roleplay and make your demands, if the player resists you can continue with hostile action against them.
6.2.2. Kill on Sight is only allowed for these specific reasons to kill, and all other reasons to kill must have roleplay involved.
● Witnessing first hand threat or attempt of murder against you or a close friend.
● Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend.
● Large scale theft of greater than $75,000 in value (excluding vehicles).

How did the player break the rule?: They openned fire the second they noticed me and they did not warn or order me to do anything and they could not revenge kill me since i have not even seen them in the past 24 hours. I believe we are enemy factions but we were not capturing a turf or near their turf or anything for them to Kill-On-Sight and they could not even see my full colors. They also used discord to communicate and did not RP looting me. I also highly suspect them teleporting or using speed hacks. 

Evidence of rule breach: 
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Due to lack of response, I will now be concluding this report.

The reporting party in this situation rolled up on to a drug plantation where two players were farming drugs. One player noticed the player in the Sandking and decided to, apparently, tell him to stop, but the player was a significant distance away, and our current guidelines state that it is the responsibility of the initiating player to up their own VOIP proximity in order for Roleplay purposes. In this situation, the initiating player did not have their VOIP proximity up enough for the player to hear it and therefore the player did not know he was being told to stop, therefore Fear Roleplay was not in effect, and the deathmatching rule was broken because they opened fire on a passive truck.

I do not see how there is any hacked clients or mod menu's involved here, not sure where that claim came from, so I will not issue any punishments as there is not any evidence to support it.

There is also no evidence to support any sort of Metagaming. Ninja-looting is not against the rules as downed players are allowed to be "looted" as the script takes care of the RP for them.

Cleo_Murderson (Stranger 1253_735) will receive a forty-eight (48) hour ban for their first offense of Normal Deathmatching.

Vlad_Yellakovic (Stranger 4417_5064will receive a forty-eight (48) hour ban for their first offense of Normal Deathmatching.

@Yasin_Walker, I will be issuing you a verbal warning for not RPing any sort of injuries. You continued to drive away after you just flipped your truck multiple times. This can be considered non-roleplay. Please make sure to always RP injuries where they may occur, as realistically a vehicle would not continue to drive after flipping multiple times.

Report Accepted/Archived


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