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Stranger 1072_8007 Stranger 5752_6192 ( 6.6 Non-Roleplay, 7.3 VDM, 7.1 FearRP )

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 1072_8007 Stranger 5752_6192
Date of rule breach: 2018-09-21
Time of rule breach: 11:36 PM

Your characters name: Vova Barkovich
Other players involved: Many

Specific rule broken:
" 6.6 Non-Roleplay, 7.3 VDM, 7.1 FearRP   "

How did the player break the rule?: We were just driving around the High End. We heard shots at the pier and saw that La Famillia are in a fight with cops. We tried to help but we saw that there is too much of them and we just backed off. We were with mask but when we drove away we allready were without masks. We picked up our friend from other side and just wanted to drive away, but swats just randomly rammed into us at 100km/h with that big armored car. They were only 2 and we were 4. If you think, in real life with that armored car when you ramm someone, the car would just explode. Atleast we got away from them. 

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5ba5748d866230ed9b/3
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I will certainly explain why I hit your car. 

Your friend the one that jumped in it, had been seen firing upon officers, The forth person that got into your car had been involved on the scene it was radio'd to swat (which was me, and my partner) we saw him run down the stairs, you saw us go up the road. The man that got in your car had come down the stairs to the East of the pier, we watched him run to your car, identified him as the man that we were after, saw him run to your car. Knowing that you would flee, we used our armored truck to hit your car with the intent of disabling. Knowing how players act here, and dealing with it every second I play, and knowing that some how people launch their cars off houses and still drive away, I hit you with what I thought would be enough force to disable your vehicle. As seen in the video, you knew I was coming for him, and decided to flee rather then RPing a "fatal crash" you just drive away. 

Your friend was wanted for murder of cops, thus lethal force can be used, as you were aiding him, you are also felons, and force can be used to disable your car. I hit your vehicle once, you immediately went to OOC, which I stopped actions, where as if you hadn't I would of exited my vehicle and aimed my gun at you, which would of been used to disable your car had you started to flee, but instead was busy typing to answer your ooc breaking the rp and stalling it which you used to flee. and evaded police. 

I do not have a recording as my plays broke but will contact the person in the truck with me to see if he can provide one. If so it will be posted in a reply.

I apologize that you feel this was VDM, but I had RP reason to hit your car, and you decided to use /b to stall the rp thus negatively impacting my roleplay on the situation. I will not make counter claims but feel that your abuse of ooc was a stall attempt. 

One final note, with all the recent reports against police and members of government factions.

If you want us to use high level RP with you, then return the favor, rp with us, we don't get paid by the server, we are here to RP and have fun like everyone else, when we get DM'd every day, or deal with non rp and fail rp (which isn't applied to this report) it gets frustrating, and with my experience with members of your gang, I expected  you to not rp, thus I struck your car with the assumption you would do, exactly what you did. 

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I was in that situation as well sitting in the car (I'm Alex Becker)

Lets talk about how realistic it is. You drive at us going around 90-110 km/h at a sport car, 3/4 guys would be dead already. Was it a reason to hit a car of four people, while you know only one is guilty (2 if you count in a driver as guilty for taking the suspect)? Two of us were innocent (one didn't have a pistol, and I didn't shoot a single bullet), and in this case we would die for no reason.

In the past I've dealt with a lot of cops who didn't even RP, just arresting me and sending me to jail as quickly as possible. Once I tried to interact with a cop while being escorted to the prison, and all was he saying was ,,stay silent'' or ,,don't speak''. Police just built a negative image for us, so we thought this situation wouldn't be different (I've encountered some great cops as well, and I'm thankful for giving me quality roleplay).

I apologize for not roleplaying fatal crash, because as I said, we didn't expect cops to roleplay properly with us and I wouldn't believe that cops would let us roleplay this situation without arresting us. Talking OOC was our mistake, loads of anger lead us to this.

Adding note about our Family (gang) as well.

I sincerely apologize if you had negative encounters with our members, we are used to have a high RP between ourselves and not with other people of Eclipse roleplay, since we don't get proper roleplay back in favor. We will do our best to satisfy everyone with our roleplay in the future.



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In the future we will work together to have a good rp.

If I hadn't struck your car would you of talked as much as we did? 

I again do not feel a vdm rule break is present as I had reason to hit your car with the intent to disable it, as

A. Guy who got in is wanted for murder. Thus based on force matrix for swat, lethal force is authorized.

B. You were clearly helping him escape as a regular person would not let a random masked man run over and jump in their car.

I am still waiting on the person in the truck with me to see if he has video.

(Edit for spelling)

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Thank you for your responses to this report. I will now be concluding it. 

The Vehicle Deathmatching rule was not broken as both officers had a valid reason to take action against you guys as you were just shooting at them.

The Fear Roleplay rule was not broken as they were in an armored car which is designed for ramming.

The Non-Roleplay rule was not broken, however, in the future @Jbacon, I would not ram a vehicle at a high speed like that, especially if the vehicle is stopped.

No punishments will be dealt with in this report.

Report Rejected/Archived


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