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Stranger 526_6859 6.6.2 Mercy Killing

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Player(s) being reported: 526_6859
Date of rule breach:21/09/2018
Time of rule breach:Approximately 6:30 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Your characters name:Adyn Wolfe
Other players involved:Nathan Brown

Specific rule broken:
" Hurting an injured player, because they ask to be killed, also known as “mercy killing” (usually done to respawn
their character quicker, it’s unrealistic, because in reality people do not respawn)."

How did the player break the rule?:After a car accident they chased myself and Nathan down, ramming us before shooting us. We were killed, then specifically the ID i reported finished me off without giving the medic they called a chance to respond.

Evidence of rule breach:


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we tried to stop you because you crashed into us. then we shouted at you to stop several times and you didn't stop when we were shouting that you have to stop within 5 seconds. you started shooting us and Ross was instantly injured in the car.. And when i got your license. i just asked Ross are you that guy who started shot at him to confirm that and he said yes.

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After allowing the reporting party enough time to answer my question I will conclude this report.

It appears that your original attackers had finished you off. This is not considered mercy killing, which is when a friend asks you to kill them so they can respawn quicker. 

Report Denied

Locked & Archived

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