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Rondo_Montana - DM

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Player(s) being reported: Unknown as I was not able to catch their number before they sped off. 
Date of interaction reported: 4/13/2022
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1649919200 give or take a few seconds.

Your character name: Jerrald Bohannon

Specific rule(s) broken: Deathmatching

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)\ 

I had just logged in, was using text to relay my words, and three people pulled up in a car. They asked who I was with, I said I was a mechanic to get them to leave me alone, and then they pulled a gun on me, did a quick 3 2 1 before I could even type my reply, and shot me before quickly driving, turning around, and pulling back to shoot me dead and looting my body. All of this was done in the middle of Legion Square where the taxis pick people up. This is a bad Risk vs Reward scenario and there was absolutely no build up to them killing me.

Evidence of rule breach
Unfortunately, I do not have video of them doing it. I was informed by Admin Risk that the logs can be checked to see who killed me. I do have a photo showing that the last thing I said to them was "I repair cars" before they gunned me down. I did not even have time to put my hands up. In the photo you will see where my body was at which is a high risk vs the reward they would get making it unrealistic in my eyes.


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After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • [Notified In-game] - Rondo_Montana @Rondo Montana - Please explain your point of view in regard to the reported situation and provide any evidence that you may have. In addition, please explain the following: 

    • Can you explain your reasoning behind shooting and killing ID54? 

    • Who were your associates present during the shooting and what was their involvement in the situation?


If the requested player(s) do not respond within (24) hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Senior Support risk

Senior Support UrbanGhost
Moderator Harveyyy

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I do not have footage but I was attempting to rob him and I told him to get in the car to go to a more disclose location but he was not responding after he had said he was a mechanic and he had a gun on him and was moving around so I thought he was gonna pull his gun and I counted down with no indication from him that he was trying to respond so I shot and killed him on the scene and he pulled his phone out while he was on the ground so I finished him and left the location.

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I am trying to understand your side of this. I was obviously typing out my replies so you can't just ask me a question, pull out a gun while I am replying, and count down 3 2 1 before blasting me. Saying I was moving so you thought I was going to shoot you has me confused. You wanted me to move to your car but was afraid I would shoot you because my character was moving? There were three guys in the vehicle, I was standing on the street with nothing in my hands, and you rushed the situation by asking a texting person a question and then blasting them while they were replying. You said I was not responding after I said I was a mechanic yet I was able to send the message saying I repair cars right before you shot me. How can I react in that short time frame? I pulled out my phone to call 911 to come help me because I thought you were driving off but you turned around and ended my life for no reason. 

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I waited until the scene was clear and approached you telling you to get in the car for reasoning I wanted to take it somewhere more private. You didn’t respond and was obviously just trying to stall not getting in my car… and I didn’t give u a a 3 second I wish you would stop saying that I counted down 5 two times while you procrastinated both times 

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You pulled up after I logged in, asked me if I needed a ride, I said no I need to talk to news as I saw the van. Unfortunately, no one was in the van. You pulled back around and asked me who I was with. I was answering you and as soon as I typed out and sent "I sell cars" I looked at my screen and saw that you were pointing a gun and counting down 3 2 1 before blasting me. You gave me zero time to reply and shot me before I could even move to the car. There was no procrastination, just me answering your question as you pulled up the second time. I knew you were going to try and rob me when you turned around and came back to talk to me a second time and was ready to RP it out but you decided to end all of that when you shot me and even further when you ended my life. 

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He was in the back seat of a vehicle with two other passengers in the front seat. When I looked back after replying with "I repair cars" he was pointing the gun out of the window. Not sure why you would fear for your life in that situation when you had me outnumbered, a gun on me, and I had nothing in my hands. 

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Thank you for your patience as we reviewed this report. Following review of all evidence and provided statements, we have made the decision to accept this report and conclude it as follows:

Rondo_Montana will be receiving a Deathmatching Punishment & a Spoken to about NonRP for the reported incident.

Reading over the provided statements, we can see the situation started when the reporting player logged on, and spawned at City Parking. Shortly after, the reported player met him and subsequently aimed their gun at him, giving him demands to get in the car, as they were attempting to kidnap him, for a "mission". Ultimately, the reporting player was typing his responses and was shot and killed by the reported player. What's wrong with this situation, is the clear lack of proper escalation that would warrant such shooting. Per rules, players must have a valid reason to attack another player and there must be some form of escalation to warrant a life endangering/ending attack. In this situation, no proper escalation happened and no plausible threats were made by the reporting player. Moreover, demands do not grant DM rights. The DM rule is all about proper and natural escalation prior to using any form of force, which you clearly lacked here in this situation, as all of this was done randomly and without any previous interactions.

Additionally, the reported player stated that he was attempting to kidnap the player for a mission. Per rules "Players are allowed to kidnap or to take other players hostage within the context of reasonable escalation. Your escalation and reason behind the kidnapping should be able to be easily documented and explained if required by server staff." - In this situation, this kidnap attempt was completely random, with zero escalation and no previous interactions between both parties. You cannot randomly pick players up and kidnap them just because you're doing a "mission" - Take this as a warning. If such act happens again in the future, a punishment will be issued. 

Moderator Harveyyy & Senior Support risk & UrbanGhost

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