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[Unknown] Luka_Roselli. Possible Meta

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Player(s) being reported: [Unknown] Luka_Roselli.
Date of interaction reported: 02/04/2022
Unix time stamp from HUDhttps://imgur.com/HaPMtz5 (The situation happened maybe an hour to 2 hours before this stamp)

Your character name: Patrick Blades
Other player(s) involved: Chad Rapkov, Bianca Allison

Specific rule(s) broken:
I believe there was Meta-Gaming

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)\
So I want to Clarify, I'm unsure if I'm correct in saying that SD should not know about drop points ICly? And they shouldn't be able to use that information to pull someone over if they never saw someone pick up the drop or if someone "snitched"? From our perspective Luka_Roselli was just cruising down the road as we were leaving the powerplant, I never saw him have Direct line of sight on us picking up the Drop. So we were no longer near the drop point we were just leaving the powerplant and Luka_Roselli turns around on us proceeding to pull us over then sits in his car until back-up arrived (There was three of us in the car so makes sense) after 5-10 minutes back-up arrived he proceeded to approach the vehicle and asked for Chads License plus taking off the masks as well as ours (I want to mention that we didn't choose to evade earlier as we fully believed this guy could only be pulling us over for a simple traffic stop). He then randomly decided to check if there was a crate in the back of the truck, my question and thoughts are / A: Why did he pull us over, under what right was he allowed? We didn't speed, we didn't make an incorrect turn he simply just saw us leave the power plant and turned on us (As far as we are aware) / B: Why would he check for a crate and use that as suspicion to detain us and search the vehicle if he was just merely pulling us for a traffic stop? / Later on (Sadly I can't record or clip as my graphics card is old and dying) he pulled me over after I had my phone off for 15 minutes, changed clothes, changed cars to a vehicle not registered to me but I had keys. I did nothing wrong other than leave a gas station and then he decided to pull me over again... My thoughts again are why did he pull me, what reasoning? My ID was the only thing that was the same

I'm not trying to cause any trouble here with this situation I'm simply confused on why this guy was pulling us over multiple times for what seems like 0 reasoning other than the Meta of knowing Drop Points OOCly and knowing my ID OOCly. I just want to know if the info was available to him ICly, like if he was tipped off

Evidence of rule breach
Hopefully others have some evidence, even better would be to see his side of things. The only evidence I can provide to the first pullover at the powerplant is the two others that were with me at the time and they might have footage possibly.

Edited by Patty
Got Bianca's full name! :)
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Thank you Redhot for handling this. 

To explain my side of this situation, which is pretty simple and I will keep it short. I have been hiding outside of palmer station behind a hill that had a clear view of the parking lot. Where I watched them wait and eventually walk and pick the drop, storing it in the back of the Kamacho.  As the reporting party never reached out to me via PM or Discord, as far as I remember I followed them for a while and never received any. Thus I do not have footage of me watching them pick the drop, however I managed to get this clip as I was calling for backup. 
Once they were pulled over, I parked behind them at a safe distance and waited for people to arrive. As Ian Walter arrived I made contact and checked the back of the Kamacho for a crate, which there was. Situation escalated from there to a pursuit, ended up with us loosing them as they swam away after a cash that totaled their vehicle.  The drop was left behind.
Clip : https://streamable.com/hask59

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Yeah of course, my apologies for not doing that on the initial post, He was speeding and I also turned my sirens and lights as he passed me before I even saw his ID. I was coming from Joshua Road, and he passed me going west on 68 on the intersection. I was never close to him prior to pulling him over, nor saw him at the gas station.   

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