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[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Application Guide

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Official Eclipse Roleplay Quiz/Application Guide
Written by: The Eclipse Staff Team


In order to pass the application process for the Eclipse Roleplay server, there a number of things you should do before attempting the application. This topic will be a complete guide on how to successfully pass the quiz without any issues, whatsoever.

Step One:

Read and understand the Eclipse Roleplay Rule Book! If you have any questions about any rules, do not hesitate to ask in our discord server or the discussions area in the forums! It’s a bad idea to take the application whilst still having questions about the rules.

Step Two (Optional):

Watch this community-member made video regarding Eclipse Roleplay Rules & Guidelines to further understand common roleplay rules.

Step Three:

Read and understand the Eclipse Roleplay Guide! That guide was built by the Eclipse Staff Team and has everything you need to know about roleplay inside of it! It covers everything ranging from common roleplay terms to certain roleplay scenarios and how to deal with them!

Step Four:

Download Rage Multiplayer and connect to Eclipse Roleplay. Once online, make an account. Once you have made your account, you will have to take the quiz. The quiz exists out of two parts: a multiple choice section, and an open question section. You can keep the rulebook open during filling these in, but don’t copy paste answers exactly from the rulebook and roleplay guide. Furthermore, do not spam characters in order to meet the minimum character count, no matter the circumstance. Doing these things may result in a longer cool-down time if/when denied.

Step Five:

If awaiting approval, refrain from asking any staff members to review your application. Oldest applications are handled first and as soon as possible. Your wait time can take a while though. Please allow at least seventy-two (72) hours for review, so feel free to quit the game after you’ve applied. Success or failure, you’ll get an email stating the outcome of your application! If you unfortunately were denied, read over the feedback, re-read the above steps and ask any questions you may have in the appropriate sections. Keep in mind that staff didn’t deny your application to waste your time, but because they want to enforce the best roleplay possible on the server.

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