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Mask 4423_405 No respons to rp requests

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Player (s) being reported: Mask 4423_405

Date of rule breach: 15/09/2018

Time of rule breach: 11:20 AM GMT

Your characters name: Lee Dieduks

Other players involved: Shadow Kartel and La Familia gang members

Specific rule broken:

6.1.4. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger:
● You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker.

How did the player broke the rule?:

Simply he didn't respond to remove mask and search his inventory requests for 2 minutes and dies from blood loss.

Evidence of rule breach:


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I'd like to use an opportunity and thank @Marco Davis for notifying me about the report!

First of all, I don't think that Mask 9080_1077 had any right to insult me OOCly. I'm pretty sure that @Marco Davis agrees with me, since it's written in the rules that all of us must follow.


3.3.2 Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context.


Moving further, what regards 'no response to roleplay requests' or in other words 'refusing/ignoring roleplay', I believe that I have a fair explanation for it.

There was a shoot out next to the selling point, over something really stupid. I don't exactly remember why did it happen or how, since it was kind of a long time ago, but I do remember quite well that we got shot. 


Other players involved: Shadow Kartel and La Familia gang members

Now, let's get something clear, NONE of the reporting party's friends, as he stated above, was involved in the shoot out itself, they arrived minutes after that. Since the people that shot us, left and no one was around I've decided to go AFK and do IRL stuff that I had to do. While I was away, the reporting party has arrived and since I wasn't near my computer, I wasn't aware of their arrival. After I came back, my faction members told me that I'll probably going to get reported, so luckily I've managed so save the last minutes of my recordings. Not sure if that's gonna help, but in my video you can see that I'm not moving at all and even seconds after I spawn at the hospital. 


If any of you have any other questions, go ahead and ask them.

Have a good one.

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37 minutes ago, lenx said:

False. I was involved in the shootout. So were at least 3 other Shadow Cartel members.


Fair enough, I wasn't aware you were a part of that faction since you were in different clothing. 

Also since you've brought this clip up, I'm sure you don't mind me asking 'Why did you, @lenx opened fire on Mask 4347_5036 and Mask 9976_7869 at the 0:40 in the video that you've provided yourself?' Since you have everything recorded, maybe you could give us an explanation why did you think it was okay to shoot them, especially Mask 9976_7869? If for some reason you decide not to answer my question, I believe @Marco Davis could or should ask it.

You also may see in the video at 4:30 there was barely anyone around, in fact there was only you. 5:30 you went some place else, for me you disappeared at all, that's when I've decided to go AFK.

@lenx Thanks for the clip!


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Just now, lenx said:

I was guarding my friend who was selling his wheat. At 40 seconds (About a second before I start shooting) you can hear someone from near the van shoot. I don't know who shot first over there, all I knew was: I was gonna start shooting in a gunfight. Really, I don't think it matters who shot first over there. We knew who you guys were and it was clear what your intentions were the way you all rolled up with shotguns on your back, so I feel I was more than justified when I opened fire.

Since you were 'guarding your friend', let me ask you what did this guy did to you or your friend that you started shooting at him?


How about this guy? What did he do or said to you and your friend that got him killed?



I don't know who shot first over there, all I knew was: I was gonna start shooting in a gunfight.

So just because someone started shooting in the background, instead of going and actually 'helping your friend', you've decided to kill everybody just because you felt like you're gonna get into a shoot out anyways? Make sense.

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Hello again, Thank you all for your patience. After further review I have come to the following conclusion:

I am focusing on the original reason this report was made and not any other accusations as they will need to be handled in a separate report. 

Player Philip_Malfitano will be warned about going AFK in rp and therefore not responding to rp. I advise you to not go afk in any rp at all even when you are downed as there are still rp scenarios that you need to respond to. I understand they can still loot you and be forceful with their commands as you are down but it is never a good idea to go afk during rp so please do not do that again and always respond to rp as soon as you can.

Furthermore, I did notice the player Jax_Nightwood OOCly insult the reported party here and I would like to remind him that whatever happens in rp you are never allowed to insult a player on an OOC level even if yo believe they have broken a rule, there is never and excuse for it and if this happens again you will be receiving punishment. 

Report closed.

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