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Quiz 10080 minute ban

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Hello fellow Eclipse RP users!

Today I wanna start with this:

I recently found that grand theft auto v has a roleplay feature and got really interested about it. I found that eclipse was the best choice out there for their large player amounts. After 2 failed tries and 2-3 hours of study, I finally passed the first quiz and got really excited. Then I moved to the second one and did a really nice job on the second quiz, I wrote everything from my heart and then this happened:

I got my application DENIED, because of: "Your application is rejected because you have copied parts of your answers from other sources!"

This is so wrong! I have never copied anything or anyone for these quiz! All the answers were 100% made by my hands.

I just cant believe... how hard is it to get to play on this server.. just unbelievable 😄


- uisdrghuyierhiuby2htb


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