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Found 2 results

  1. Los Santos Teamster's Union "North America's Strongest Union" The Los Santos Local Teamster's Union was formed due to poor pay rates for shipping and trucking jobs in Los Santos. Jamie, Bruce, and Jimmy banded together to protest unfair delivery rates from many gasoline and goods re-sellers. The union participated in a blockade protest at many fuel depots and fuel stations, and turned some heads by threatening the active distribution of fuel. After an aggressive protest and Social Media campaign, we have had some success in getting better shipping rates for Truckers. Our first meeting was held on the steps of City Hall, and we had a few prospect members and live coverage from the Weazel News team! The Los Santos Teamster’s Union was born! Recently, we have forged alliances with Motorsport Autos, Bayview Auto Center, DamGoodFuel, and Highway Gas Co. We now continue to serve the Greater Los Santos area with top-notch logistical services. If you need cargo hauled, the Los Santos Teamster's union can help! Our Mission Statement: "To provide safe and expedient transport of goods at a fair price for everyone." Safety is our number one priority. Our Teamsters are professional drivers that follow the rules of the road, and we hope to make the streets of Los Santos safer. We are seeking competent, safe drivers who want to pursue rewarding careers in shipping and logistics. We are seeking to establish an office at or near the Trucking Yard and trying to build our treasury up so we can provide competitive financing for our Teamsters to become owner-operators. Additionally, we are seeking to forge alliances with more local businesses, in order to keep their businesses well supplied and ensure our Teamsters are paid fairly. Our Union Teamsters are dedicated to providing quality service to the public. We ensure that all loads meeting Union pay standards are delivered by Union Teamsters in a safe and expedient manner. We deliver cargo loads based on the orders we receive from various retailers around the city. Our owner-operators also provide hauling service for miners, farmers, fishermen, or anyone else, and can be hired on at very competitive rates! Commercial Retailers can expect fair rates that are open to fair negotiation. The Los Santos Teamster’s Union is aware of ever-changing economic conditions, and our Retailer Allies can expect our full support in political matters, including protests and labor strikes. Our customers take care of us, so we take care of them. Members can expect on-the-job training, job placement, medical insurance, and legal representation should the need arise. Members hauling dangerous chemicals such as fuel, or participating in boycotts and protests may be eligible for hazard pay. We are also planning offer a portable on-demand storage service for independent clients. This will allow individuals a cost-effective and efficient method to ship their goods between locations. Please note that rates and fees may change from time to time, through negotiations conducted with our customers and clients. Our aim is to present a fee schedule that is fair to both Teamsters and local retailers and consumers. Our complete fee schedule can be viewed here: https://www.LSTU.org/rates We hope to one day supply all of Los Santos County and Blaine County with our shipping routes. New members can look forward to having a direct role in the development of this organization through their democratic vote at our meetings. Senior Teamsters may be nominated to run for office in our general elections. We are also seeking to further expand our membership base, and establish a satellite office near the trailer yard in Southeast Los Santos. Teamsters dress in normal civilian street clothes, usually suited for work. Work boots, jeans, and durable clothing are great choices. A high visibility vest is recommended in the case of mechanical or other roadside trouble. Teamsters drive big rigs of any type, usually painted to match the Blue and Gold of the Teamster's Union. We do not place any restrictions on vehicle paint colors, but Teamsters should be driving big rigs or other trucks when on duty. Teamsters drive the largest cargo vehicles around! These massive haulers transport immense amounts of goods and fuel to distant locations in Blaine County and all over Los Santos. Used for hauling large quantities of items for individual customers. Small-time miners and fishermen will love this affordable and efficient service! Used for hauling very large quantities of items for individual customers. Commercial miners and commercial fishermen will find this vehicle appealing. The smallest, most affordable tractor trailer on the market. Efficient and maneuverable, what this rig lacks in size it makes up for in power and style! Not great for long hauls, due to the lack of a sleeper cab. The Phantom is the most popular rig among Teamsters. It has formidable power, great brakes, and a sleeper cab for those long hauls! The Packer is also available to Teamsters. It has good power and brakes, and a small but comfortable sleeper cab.
  2. It has come to my attention that there is a criminal group attempting to exert leverage on local businesses by impersonating our organization. This is troubling, so I would like to announce the formation of the first chapter of the Los Santos Local Teamster's Union! Our mission statement: "Provide safe transport of goods at a fair price for retailers with a fair wage for Teamsters." We will hold an election for cabinet positions soon. There will be a few offices to hold, but power will remain largely with the members of the union, and motions will be voted on by members at our monthly meetings. If you wish to be a member, run for office, or assist with the creation of our bylaws, please submit your Phone number and email address here. ((discord or forum name)) Our first official meeting will be held Sunday, July 21st at 6:00 PM UTC, at Los Santos City Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend. We will be accepting in-person membership applications and answering questions about our organization, as well as accepting nominations for our first round of elections. To be a member of the Teamsters' union, there are a few requirements: You must be a trucker. ((trucking job)) You must hold a Commercial Driver's License. You must have a record free of major traffic offenses such as vehicular manslaughter or reckless driving. You must maintain good standing with the Union. You must own your own GPS and/or Map. Some minor felonies will be tolerated, as long as the individual demonstrates that they are reformed. Business owners: The Los Santos Local Teamster's Union is here to ensure safe and expedient transport of goods, at a fair rate for both business owners and Teamsters. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Phone: 457-4938 E-mail: ((LunaticFPV #4963)) Thanks for your time, see you at the meeting! -- Jamie Reagan, co-organizer @Keilza
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