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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to complete my profile by linking the forum to my Eclipse account but it won't let me, it keeps saying something went wrong. Thanks, Kind regards
  2. My email and password for both are the same. I can login here but when I go to link IG profile and submit password, on submission it keeps saying "something went wrong". I've logged out and in but no luck. Thanks
  3. Enzo is a family man from Italy. He was born in italy. he graduated high school and joined the military. Enzo quickly rose through the ranks and was asked to join the special forces for more covert black ops missions, because of all his success in the military. Enzo had finally had enough he felt as if his government and betrayed him and made him the enemy. So he left he traveled around the world for quite sometime now just blending in. he came to los santos before he liked it and decided to come back and make it home. now here he is finally back in Los Santos. 31 years of age
  4. Troy heart is a young 28 year old man. he has been working hard his whole life. because he has been alone since he 12. he's always had great grades, but he got in trouble in junior high. taking the wrap for one of his buddies who stole a car. troy got into weed early on but kicked the habit when he turned 18. even though he dropped out of school he did get his G.E.D and a college degree in criminal justice. Troy likes to be a bit fast on his motorcycle. but apart from his sometimes speeding only when no one else is around is all he does wrong. he's a simple man who enjoys fishing and will pick up a saturday and sunday job as a courier to make some extra cash. he doesn't have a home yet but he's saving for one now. Troy knows who he is and what he wants. he is hoping to one day join the police force. but what is going to be the outcome for troy will he join the police force or become a hardened criminal?
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