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Found 9 results

  1. Account name:liLjay Character name(s): Jason Dawson Admin who issued punishment:NobodyLTU Date of punishment:28th of September 2018 Punishment received:Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Advertising Your explanation of what happened: I believe the punishment was issued after a server crash while waiting for a admin to review a issue i had with a prisoner and his prison Sentence(admin never returned) We were talking OOCly about life and games and how certain people are hard to rp with, he mentionned that this was the only server that was good for GTA:RP and i agreeded but also talked about another server, just making conversation while waiting and not paying attention to what i was writting. Which was stupid and unacceptable. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It's been a few months since my ban. I've had alot of time to play other games and take a break from Rp as well as think of what i've done to deserve this ban.i've also re-read the rules to ensure i do not break any more. It's been brought up in casual conversation if i were to ever come back and Rp with the friends i've made throughout my months of Rp who have stoppped playing because of my ban. I understand why i was banned and Don't hold a grudge as to how quickly it was denied as it was reasonable to do so. What i've learned from this ban is to pay attention to what im typing and saying both in ooc and in game chat. I will proof read before sending any futher messages. All in all i dont want to make this a novel and i'm here to appeal once more. I don't plan on playing any other server. If my appeal were to get accepted i'm sure my friends who quit because of my ban will surely return and enjoy this great server. There Hasn't been a day go by that i haven't thought of my idiotic mistake. I really miss this community. I'm sorry for what i've done. I learned from my mistake. I do really hope my ban appeal gets considered.
  2. Account name: Zoloft Character name(s): Ashley Burton Admin who issued punishment: NBDYLTU Date of punishment: 04/01/2019 Punishment received: Perm Ban Reason given for punishment: Advertising Your explanation of what happened: I was talking about another community in a discord that no longer associates themselves with ECRP as stated below in the screenshot Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was talking about another community in a discord that no longer associates themselves with ECRP that's like me talking to a mate that plays battlefield about cod and then getting banned from battlefield, it was a non ECRP platform that has nothing to do with ECRP. The rule states "3.1.1 It is prohibited to advertise other GTA V multiplayer communities in ECLIPSE servers. This includes discussion or talk of other communities. An attempt to break this rule will result in a permanent ban.", due to this community discord no longer associating themselves with ECRP this isn't a "Eclipse server". So I didn't break any rule. I know the rules of Eclipse Roleplay and I have put many long nights in to write new lore or stay up to do a rp imports with the admins, I wouldn’t throw all of this away just to say 1 thing about another community, your rules do state that I cannot talk about different communities in “ECLIPSE servers”, however Tommy did denounce that his discord was no longer affiliated or linked with ECRP (see first attached photo again). I do deeply apologise however if you do believe this breaks your terms and rules. Post any evidence or further details:
  3. Account name: jasherixd Character name(s): Max Bryant Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 08/Oct/2018 20:39 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Planning to purposely break server rules Your explanation of what happened: I have explained as clearly as I could on my previous appeal, but I will try again. During the player factions that 1 month time, everyone had a discord server, and few moderators of eclipse joined. We accepted them for support, and to help us grow as a faction even more. Days going past, nobodyltu joins the discord, and reads ALL the messages in the discord server. Yes, we should of NOT spoke about other server, that its starting and etc, because NOW I do get your point if we get people into our faction, and talk about other things in discord, it is a advertisement. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think it should be accepted because it is around 40 days how I am banned, and 3 weeks been gone after my appeal got rejected. I learned the mistakes I did, and came back, to hopefully get accepted. Post any evidence or further details: My previous ban appeal - more information and everything is clearer there.
  4. PotatoGaming

    Maxim_Sasnovichttyt (Ban Appeal)

    Account name: PotatoGaming Character name(s): Maxim_Sasnovichttyt Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 2018/10/08 18:10 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Advertising Server Advertising [+20 Points] Releasing or discussing other communities as well as posting IP addresses or links Forum Warning Point System 20 Active Points = Permanent Ban Your explanation of what happened: After playing GTA, we went to our official Solntsevskaya Bratva gang discord. And we started chatting about our gang member who got banned for two days. He wasn't very motivated to play in this server at that time just because he got banned and was mad about it. He dropped a link to the other role play server. Some of our gang members (including me) talked about this other server and gave our views about it. After that @NobodyLTU came to our discord and permenantly banned us. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think that all I did was wrong and I'm really sorry for that. It was all my fault because I didn't read all the rules that every player should know. I used to play this server all day and I got so many good memories and I really want to get a chance to get that good role play experience again. I would be really thankful if you unbanned me. I really want to get back in the server and get better at it. I apologize for the inconveniences. Post any evidence or further details: https://prnt.sc/lhvgus
  5. Account name: Peristukinas Character name(s): Raigardas_Peristukinas Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 2018-08-XX Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Impersonating Administrator Your explanation of what happened: There was an accident in the server with a guy who was apparently streaming. After the accident I got 2 days ban for VDM. I realized that he was streaming, after getting the ban I came to watch his stream and I wrote an inappropriate message in his twitch chat. The message said that - "I banned the trucker guy for 48 hours because of VDM." The admin who banned me, probably didn't understand my type of humor and I REALLY wasn't trying to impersonate anything from the staff, I didn't even have any means to do that. I'm really sorry for this, I understand what I did and that wont happen again. I keep following the news of this server and I really want to play here. I've read the rules one more time to make sure I wont get banned again. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I understand what I did wrong, and that will not happen again, I've re read the rules once again, I see there are new ones, I keep following the updates on this server and I really want to play here again. Please consider my appeal, I've learned that it wasn't a good idea to do that. Post any evidence or further details: I'm requesting to get unbanned after 3 months now, I hope you understand me at this point and I've re read everything, i'm ready to play again here.
  6. Jack_Rhino

    Ban appeal

    Account name: Jack_Rhino Character name(s): Jack_Rhino Admin who issued punishment: n/a Date of punishment:19/12/2018 Punishment received: permanent ban  Reason given for punishment: "speehack" I was laying on the street injured and my game crashed. After I tried to re-log I got the message saying I'm permanently banned for speedhack by anticheat, but I never used anything. Why would I even use it while injured, it's pointless, I can't move anyway.
  7. Account name: twister2k Character name(s): Dmitrij Alexandrovic Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 08/Oct/2018 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Advertising Your explanation of what happened: We were basically talking about a certain roleplay server that we had no interest in joining whatsoever, the mistake we made was that we were talking about it in our gang's official discord server, where there were 2 staff members keeping an eye out. We were talking in Lithuanian and it was all OOC based. We didn't advertise the server anywhere else. We thought that since we dont have an OOC discord server where people from our gang (really good friends) can discuss different topics, we just thought that nothing would've happened if we talked about it on the private discord channel. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I mean, I was banned like 2 months ago and since then I haven't had that much fun playing any other game as I had when playing this roleplay server. As I said earlier my intention was not to advertise another server, we were just having a discussion about it, nobody from our discord server would've switched over to the other server since I think and many other friends who have been banned for the same reason think that no other RP server compares to this one. I know.. I shouldn't have talked about it in the first place, it was a stupid thing to do, but we just weren't aware of the rules, since it was our discord server, we thought that we could just chill there and talk about certain topics. But I guess not. And also since I got banned every video I watched on youtube about GTA 5 was very nostalgic of all the good times I had on this server and I really miss those good days. Now I have nothing else to play that really excites me as much as GTA 5 did. I'm really sorry for what I've done but the only thing that I can do is learn from my mistakes and move on and I'm hoping to hear the same from you, after all christmas is really close, unbanning me would be a nice bonus gift for christmas. Post any evidence or further details: -
  8. Account name: capfund Character name(s): Dimitri Nikola Jack Collins Admin who issued punishment: PolarBlunk Date of punishment: 9/26/2018 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Not here to RP Your explanation of what happened: We (about 7 of us) had 1 guy in a hold up he refused to do what we asked for over a minute we call for the gods to come. He "crashes" moments later the police come to question us about a robbery this lasts for a few minutes. They leave in the meantime a few cars are parked in the distance with guys behind them waiting for something. All of a sudden the guy that "crashed" comes back after several minutes and coincidently after the PD had left. We continue to RP the hold up and all of a sudden the guys posted up behind the cars open fire on us before we even shoot a bullet. Several of us died and it was a very frustrating occurrence. After which we revived at the MD we were talking in faction chat about who was going to actually submit the report when our leader who already has 2 open reports that have yet to be resolved said this would be his third open report. To which I replied "The server is going to shit, might as well as murder everyone till ban"... Because that seems like all that happens to me is metagaming rule breaking BS and I follow all rules and then get taken advantage of. And then this guy bans me without further discourse and accuses me of "not being here to rp"... Why should your appeal be accepted?: Obviously I'm here to RP that's why I am so fucking frustrated with the inaction of clear rule violations. AND the fact that I have a fucking character that does literally nothing but fucking RP a role that isn't exactly to play on this server with the limited amount of options being a lawyer on this server. Seems a bit of a quick reaction to a person who has 0 violations of breaking any server rule, and without even asking me questions just a ban straight off as I was in the middle of RP with another person on top of that... Post any evidence or further details:
  9. Atomic, Hayes, Autorepairs and Heavyflow stand at a door to Access the menu, People stand at the door to buy a car. Some sort of office like mechanics have or something to create more RP at dealerships.. Motorsports and autoservices have offices. Also maybe a Laptop in the office people can use to place a vehicle order taking 20% of the Vehicle price off them as deposit and the rest when they collect the vehicle once its been imported. Dealership owners have to go onto the computer check the orders page and then order that car and message the person that ordered it saying it has arrived and is ready for collection. just a thought..... New Cars Put into the server. GTA release so many new vehicles and we don't get to see them. A lot more mods could be added too. I don't know how hard it is but I guess its pretty simple for our developers. Here is a link to a suggestion I made about new vehicles: