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Found 3 results

  1. Account name:Joe Narco Character name(s):Joe Narco,Dimitri Narco,Joe Savage Admin who issued punishment:NobodyLTU Date of punishment:15/jan/2018 Punishment received:Savage Reason given for punishment:We'll at this point i have no idea, as there were 2/3 un-ban appeals with different reasons. First reason, was for being a leader/affiliated with people i should not have been, what ended up happening is some of them chose to go out of the way and harass people from the community, from posting private stuff on discord to DDoSing people from the community, later on my as self as well /: Second reason, was for selling/buying good for real life money, which i cant really say much about. Your explanation of what happened: First reason-Yes i was affiliated with people that were doing some fucked up stuff, sadly i had and never will have a saying to what they can and cant do, and they never spoke about that stuff with me, as i stated in my previous unban appeal, im not a figure of a mother or a father to them, i have no saying in what they do or did. Second reason-i did in deed sell my stuff, the main reason was, cause i was thinking it was the end, at that point, there was a lot of drama and issues inside the group and with the server as a whole. as it was at that point people from the group were getting blamed, for the DDoSing and harassment of community members. Why should your appeal be accepted?:In my eyes this/those reason/s should not have ended up with a perm especially when its my first major offence, i agree that i needed to be punished for the rule i broke, but not a perm, i am indeed sorry that i broke this rule, but once again, i dont think a perm is the way of going with it, on top of that i've never had a chance to have an interview or anything like that, all of them were denied with out any full explanation. Post any evidence or further details:N/A
  2. Account name: inzeinas Character name(s): Drake Hudson Admin who issued punishment: Dingus0 , NBDY Date of punishment: 1/10/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Nothere to RP | NBDY Your explanation of what happened: Me and 2 of my friend's decided to rob a person on the highway, we told him to stop, he did not comply and started running then we tried to box him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My ban should be appealed because honestly I don't know that rule NOTHERE TO RP... And one thing so I said him STOP ( LIKE YOU CAN SEE IN THE CLIP VOIP WAS DOWN ) the car and I wasn't ramming him, than he just VDM'ED girl and I started shooting at him because he started running. And now after 1 month without GTA I was thinking abou eclipse and now i will try to get unbanned, because it was miss understand. I'm in schafter v12 didn't rammed him and I was trying to say stop, but voip was down. I will wait your answer to my appeal. Have a nice day all !! 🙂 Post any evidence or further details:
  3. Account name: Hyperis Character name(s): Lucas Bryson Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 08/Oct/2018 20:39 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Planning to purposely break server rules Your explanation of what happened: So me and my gang (bratva) chatted in our private discord and talked about other servers. Next day i woke up tired to join a server and all of us got perma banned. All of our gang members were close friends and we really liked the server. We didnt have an ideas that we should leave to the other server or something. Why should your appeal be accepted?: 5 months passed by and i really miss the server. I've been grinding it for 2 months straight and the whole roleplay thing that Eclipse just gets me into grinding. I really appoligise for the things i did and i really miss the Eclipse grind. Post any evidence or further details :