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Found 3 results

  1. Account name: Pandasity Character Name (s) : Deakin Storm Admin who issued punishment : MusketDeezNutz Date of Punishment : 10/Mar/2019 Punishment received : DM | Offense #3 | Don't unban for Offense #2 unless #3 is appealed. Reason given for punishment "I do not see how that video relates to the shooting in the report itself.... Do you have proof that you survived the shooting? (Being helped by a medic) as you claimed "he never finished me off" and also how did you know it was him? Do you have his name? Cause he was wearing different clothes." Your explanation of what happened : We were passing by the clothing store and my friend asked me to let him out of the car so he could go talk to the zetas. Unsurprisingly, they started pointing guns at my friend and the other person that was there with us at the time, they took them inside of the store so it wouldn't be "suss" and one guy stayed outside. This person pointed a gun at me, and started shooting at me without KOS as I was leaving the scene. I don't have proof of this but it doesn't matter. After they successfully robbed my friend they ran off and later as shown in the clip of my report, the person known as Colby and all of the other zetas proceeded to rob me as well, I was literally about to walk out of the car with my hands lifted as Colby started blasting me with his gun with no KOS, which should of been taken into consideration when I was punished for this because he didn't provide any evidence whatsoever of him having KOS on me. In the video near the end you can see all of them starting to run away and you can hear cop sirens. Nobody is that stupid enough to shoot a man in front of a cop. The admin MusketDeezNutz states that I have no proof of me getting stabilized and being returned to the hospital, but it's practically there, hes just being really ignorant no offense. Also in my response I clearly stated that I could tell it was Colby without a doubt just because of hair color, and whatever else was mentioned. Just because someone changed his clothes doesn't mean you cant recognize him. EX: you have a friend IRL, you go to school with him, he wears different clothes every day, do you treat him like you don't know who he is by what hes wearing? I think not. Why should your appeal be accepted? As stated above, I proved MusketDeezNutz wrong on everything he accused me of. I personally believe he knew I was perma-banned and did not look at the report to a greater extent. Sorry if I come across as a douche bag towards you.
  2. Character to be refunded: Ron Mayor Date and time of incident: 2019-04-02, 5:15 EST, 1554195956 UNIX Requested refund (what and how much): Assault Rifle with 66 ammo with the following attachments: extended mag, grip, scope. 2 Pistol .50, 66 heavy pistol ammo, micro smg ammo x50, Pump shotgun ammo x35, smg ammo x35 Description of incident resulting in loss: i crashed my bike and was down, a player looted me, as my friend came to get my things. as he hit her with the car, she combat logged, then logged back in an hour later. as she logged in, her OOC backup arrived and robbed me for the items. Evidence of loss: Comments: The forum report, which was accepted, shows my loss of items.
  3. Account; Ruekatu Character Name: Gerri Garwell Admin who issued the punishment: MusketDeezNuts Date of Punishment: 13/04/2019 Punishment Received: Non-Rp Kick Offense #1 Reason given for the punishment: The reason that he said he gave me the punishment was due to the fact that I stole a police cruiser, with the door apparently not being open / no rp before hand. Your explanation of what happened: When i first arrived at the scene, there were three cop cars and a ambulance. I immediately went over to the Officers and the Medic, and started talking about how they had some nice cruisers and asking how much they would be worth to someone. Now my character is into the chopping of cars and that, so i decided that if I could find a cop cruiser I would take one and just fly off, use the element of surprise. I stay there for around 10 minutes talking to the Officers, about whats going on and that (All in character, not dropping at all). So then I see my chance, I take the cop car, and I disappear. I did it so fast that I got so much distance I was able to hide. However, a mere minute after taking it, MusketDeezNuts tells me to get out and asked me why I took it. I started to tell him, as I did he said the door was locked, which it definitely wasn't because the Officer had got out the passenger side, and that I should give it back. I apologised I assumed I was allowed to take a cruiser and I gave it back. A second later I get kicked, and have this NON-RP Offense #1 on my account. I honestly did EVERYTHING that I could of done to make sure I RP'd as much as I could before I even tried to take one. This character is an old lady, who doesn't like Police officers, any chance to humiliate them is taken, within RP. The few times in Prison, ive done the same thing. People are enjoying this old character and I will keep going. The other issue that I had with this is that MusketDeezNuts didn't even give me a chance to explain the situtation. Just instantly kicked me, without any proof or anything, I assume just the word of the Officer of who's car it was. The other reason is that I recently applied to join the Police Academy, and I got onto the interview stage. I had my interview today. However, before we started I told them about this kick, and they said that I wouldn't really be able to get into it until I either got an appeal or I waited 45 days. So its unfortunate that something like this has happened a mere 16 hours before getting my interview. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I honestly believe that what I did was fine. I went over and talk to everyone, giving small hints to what I wanted. Using my characters old lady voice the entire time. It is in her nature to take a risk, to try and make money as well as make the police look foolish. As soon as MusketDeezNuts told me to stop I did, I gave the car back with an apology as well as attempting to tell my side, without really being given a chance too. I have stolen cop cars before, one that was left on the side of the highway I bobby pinned it, and tbh it was the best RP ive had whilst being here. The Officer that chased me was amazing. I even DC'd at one point, he let me get back in so we could carry on. I'm pretty sure I even /raterp the Officer as well. As I said above I do still want to apply to join the Police Academy, I really do believe that this was a wrong punishment for what happened. Hopefully this can be undone so that I can go for the interview.
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