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Found 11 results

  1. Account name: JayG Character name(s): Jay Biggums The admin who issued punishment: : DimitriS Date of punishment:28/June/19 Punishment received: Ban The reason given for punishment: VDM/DM Your explanation of what happened: Basically i explained in the FC which i can list below that it was accidental as you can see in there is no full video footage of me purposely ramming the player in the VDM you can see the player carelessly driving from one lane to another he doesn't then back his camera on me I have also tried to appeal this but not received any replys as of yet another were for an Accidental DM which i were in previous interactions with another member of his Gang i circled the area went back after not dying to then see him which I thought were the guy that shot me with a SMG pull up which you can see in the video listed I just shoot him now i thought it were him it were only until i realized after i killed him and looted him it wasn't because he didn't have an SMG, I then went ahead to report which were accepted by Brock to ask for a revive for him for misunderstanding but he said it was an RP mistake so he couldn't.. i did state in /b over the guy before he died that I was in another situation with another Gang member of his but he didn't want to listen I did this because in the first one he accepted he said if it were accidental you need to /b and tell them all will be listed below Why should your appeal be accepted?: Well due to the faults I know now to take care more in playing and to record better so I can back myself up.. and they were little mistakes. I have tried to list that it was accidental and get my point across that none of my act's were deliberate. I believe people learn from their mistakes and can assure you it won't happen again If unbanned i will be sure to not. If a player does not show aggression to me, to pull and start shooting. act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay Will also not. Use a Vehicle to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt.. Kill someone without a proper roleplay reason. if for instance, it does I will be sure to let them know using the correct way to avoid this situation again /b record "I can't see as accidental if it really was then you could've explained it to him in OOC chat" Post any evidence or further details: all evidence is in these links. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/21676-id-43-dm/?tab=comments#comment-108332 I posted a Ban appeal and a MOD told me to re-post and follow the correct format so I have.
  2. besszem


    Well today i was at the parking lot where like 100 of officers were. I was sliding on the cars and two officer just came and told me to stop but i didn't, thats completely alright as an IC situation but then i started to powergaming. Two admins came and watched the situation but i kept chasing my right. I was disrespectful and rude. I apologize and i've learn from my mistakes and it wont happen again i promise. I just want to keep playing till i can before school starts again. Please unban me and i promise i'll be a good player of this server. -Ibrahim Ayoob 2019.06.15.
  3. Account name: DannyTyler Character name(s): Danny Tyler Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 23/02/2019 Punishment received: VDM|Insufficient Reason to Ram|Offence1 Reason given for punishment: The punishment was given for VDM and not having a reason to it as from the point of view of the victim it seemed like I drove over him, although I just hit him with a side of the car. https://imgur.com/a/yLeFhwS Your explanation of what happened: I was in front of the bank and I heard shots comming from the block behind the bank, so I decided to quickly go there in case anyone who I know would be involved. I went around the block from the left side and instead of driving around the parking lot I turned into parking lot from the side of the road to make a shortcut. The victim was running through the parking lot and I, in high speed, passed him and went through the exit of the parking lot back on the street. Why should your appeal be accepted?: From my point of view I did not hit the person, but went by him at a close distance. There was an obvious desync as even in the video that was used as evidence you can see that from the victims side I hit him only with the left side of my vehicle, not fully drove over him. Besides that there was never no intentions of hurting the victim and driving over him, if anything then it was not a VDM, but a simple car accident. In the video you can see me backing up as soon as I saw him being hit. If the victim would have posted like extra 5-10 seconds of the video at the end, you would also see me asking in OOC chat - what happened. Due to these facts I do not believe that I deserve this punishment and would like it to be lifted. I apologies for the discomfort of the situation to the victim. Post any evidence or further details: https://plays.tv/video/5c7128203543522c92/vdm Kind regards, Danny Tyler
  4. Player(s) being reported: ID 19 and ID 26 Date of interaction reported: 2/3/19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549180944 Your characters name: Chip Howe Other player(s) involved: ID 32 and ID 25 Specific rule(s) broken: 5.1.3. Metagaming to gain an in-game advantage, for example telling a friend your location through PM to obtain backup, will result in more severe punishments than accidental metagaming that serves no benefit to the player such as calling a stranger by his character name prior to learning it in character. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was following ID 32 from the bank which lead me to a scene where I found ID 19 on the ground dying. He was with ID 26. ID 26 stated that a medic was called. Shortly after, ID 26 sped off without saying anything. I stayed at the scene for a short time, and then I decided to follow ID 26. After searching, I found ID 26 and she was heading to the MD. When she got to the MD, ID 19 was there; He was waiting for her. She gives him his car without any RP and they continue on. I showed my suspicion of metagaming OOC and I talked to ID 19. ID 19 confirms that he did metagame; however, he claims that he died to a bug which "voids RP in his book". I asked him if he had video of the bug, but he stopped answering me via PM. Also, note that ID 32 and ID 25 show up at the MD as well. They are in the same orange gang. This means that are most likely involved in the metagaming too; however, ID 26 could have theoretically called them on the radio to meet at the MD. Therefore, it can not be confirmed, unlike the indisputable evidence against ID 19 and ID 26. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/3hanz
  5. Account name: Jamal Character name(s): Jamal Pearce Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 04/08/2018 Reason given for punishment: Please read our rules and reapply. Your explanation of what happened: Hello, I have a problem. yesterday at about 11 pm at my time zone me Jamal Pearce in-game character got Quiz (Read rules) Ban which I shouldn't have now. Because I and my friend were riding whit my car and I stopped at car shop to look something to new to buy at that moment my friend got on to just logged in guy I am telling him not do anything to him, But he was scared off his gun and he tried to rob him i told don't do that but he was already doing that and i had no way to stop him. At the moment he was trying to rob just logged on guy (which i told don't do anything to) some guy tried to hit my friend whit a car and evidently hit me at that moment i put on my mask and drawn my gun and told that guy which tried to hit all us 3 whit car to just go away but he still tried to kill us whit car after like 30 sec's of me saying go ride away bro i throw a couple of shots on him he pulled over his money delivery car and started shooting me i shoot him back and though he would end this so none of us get injured but he still was throwing shots at me and i had to kill him. At the moment that i killed him admin came and did not even listen any word of mine and said you can't kill just logged in a guy and read the rules and something and banned me by quiz ban not even reading one word of mine that i have not even shot once or tried to pickpocket him at first place but still got the punishment. So i want to sort this out and know more about why admin did that that i when i have not even broken a single rule and even tried to tell my friend not to rob or kill just logged in guy . Why should your appeal be accepted?: I got why my friend got banned but i think banning me was too harsh for doing nothing and even trying not to start this situation Becouse it was miss leading and banned for nothing
  6. Account name: Khalifav3 Character name(s): Khalifa Young Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 29/07/2018 Reason given for punishment: VDM Your explanation of what happened: I was a farmer and this one guy had tried to steal my car full of wheat multiple times. I warned him many times not to do so. The last try he tried, he managed to steal my vehicle full of wheat so i went to go chase after him in my regular car. I catched up to him and he started selling my wheat from the car that was mine that he stole. Based on this (Him stealing my car after multiple warnings and getting all of my earnings) i drove him over which resulted in him getting killed. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i believe i had a valid reason to injure him as i gave him multiple warnings for not stealing my vehicle and he stole all my wheat and was earning all of the earnings that i worked hard for and shouldve gotten myself. Post any evidence or further details: I did not get the chance to collect any as i was banned straight away after i hit him with my car
  7. Account name: Kalnex Character name(s):Mantas_Blagadariu Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 06/08/2018 Reason given for punishment: Inability to speak the English Language/Not Here for RP Your explanation of what happened: So my friend messegend me that he stole a car and needs help. When we met we got jumped by the car owner friends (i think it was the owner), they called police etc. the police car was chasing and then we started shooting the tires. The car engine stopped and police catched us. Obviously we lost the fight and were on the ground in serious pain no chance of surviving. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I tried to communicate and role play as hard as i could i jused the n key to talk and talked a lot about the situation (only in english) and did all the roleplaying with /do command etc.. The police did not spoke i didn't know how to act to this but i tried. The admin showed out of nowhere and suddenly all nicknames were gone chat was gone i was hadcuffed but after admin showed i could do anything shooting etc. and no one was moving later i got message i got banned... I didnt got any explanations about the ban and where is proof i did something that bad to be banned?
  8. Account name:vladimka123 Character name(s):ben'shelby Admin who issued punishment: lewis Date of punishment:7/27/2018 Reason given for punishment:DM Your explanation of what happened:I've no idea,i want to see the evidence of what i did,because i play by the rules. ? Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because,i've no idea what happened,i just got banned straight,the administrator ignored me in his DM's for 3 hours now. I'm trying to escalate things out. Post any evidence or further details: got banned without even saying a word. 24hrs
  9. Account name: Bob Lester Character name: Bob Lester Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 31/7/2018 Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Your explanation of what happened: I went to the highway tryout my first car speed and ran into gang war versus police. The war seemed to be almost over I drove next to the people who looked like a gang members and asked what is happening they told me to move on or I will have problems so I just moved on but after 15min I received a permanent ban which is very sad cause I never intended to do something illegal and get banned for it. I enjoyed playing this server and its the only reason why I even bought gta v. P.S. I have never been in gang. Why should your appeal be accepted: I feel like I didnt do anything wrong in this situation just appeared in the wrong area at the wrong time. I am very sorry.
  10. Character to be refunded: Rudy Vinziatti Date and time of incident: March 16 2018, at around 5:30pm EST Requested refund: A shotgun and 16 shells and $8000 Description of incident of resulting to loss: I was jailed wrongfully as i wasn't able to move due to being glitched then i get rammed by two officers and then they gain the advantage due to desync sending my car flying where i couldn't do anything.My jail was then voided because it was all due to desync. The server then restarted and i log off at the 1 minute mark. I am then free'd and i go to Mors to retrieve my Osiris, and then this is where i found out i had to pay when it wasn't destroyed. Evidence of loss: my plays.tv crashed so i dont have anything but Lewis was there and he was the one to inform me to make the refund.
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