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Found 2 results

  1. Forum Drive Families is one of many sets that fall under the Grove Street Families street gang. Grove Street Families was founded in San Andreas in the mid to late 1990's and was one of the most notorious and feared gangs known in San Andreas. The primary set's reign continued through the 2000's and into the 21st century. It's gangs members primarily operating in the South Los Santos area, more specifically the Davis and or Chamberlain Hills area of Los Santos. Within the dense and violent concrete jungle that is Los Santos many gangs battled for territory and control. From the Vagos set " Latin Kings " to various sets of the " Ballas " Street gang , among many others Families itself had a lot of enemies. Grove Street families had thrived initially and through the 90's and 2000's. However later in the 2000's, Grove Street Families had gradually lost all of their prowess, control and even nearly all territory and manpower along with that. With it's founding members all having had been either killed, imprisoned, and or fled the state of San Andreas itself. Grove Street Families was on it's last legs. From a thriving gang with tens if not hundreds of members, as well as various narcotic and firearms connections and rackets. To nothing. And the sacred Grove Street itself was lost as well as most neighboring blocks. With the main set of Grove Street Families crumbing through the 2000's and experiencing it's intense and violent member lost as previously stated, everything was falling apart. With all of it's members dead, imprisoned or fled out of San Andreas only a couple of members remained on the street. With all of their connections burned or lost, manpower low and other assets being minimal the Grove Street gang itself had to reform into a smaller sub-set. With that the Forum Drive Families was founded, in losing Grove Street and the neighboring blocks themselves what was left of the gang was forced into an isolated area within the Chamberlain Hills area on Forum Drive. The few remaining members now returning to Los Santos are grinding and struggling to come up, trying hard to secure infrastructure and vehicular and other foundational items. With the Latin Kings on one side in the Vespucci Beach area, and the Front Yard Ballas having higher manpower and more territory than ever Families is stuck in a hard place. Not to mention the other various gangs that have established themselves in Grove Streets absence. Underdogs in the struggle in the brutal streets in Los Santos, but never giving up and continuing to not only rep' but expand the Families criminal gang. ( Green With Line Through = Already Involved In Listed Activity ) - Secure Drug / Narcotics Contacts & Suppliers - Take a strong position in the Firearms and Narcotics Smuggling - Cultivate Cannabis and manufacture and or create narcotics for future sale - Protection Rackets - Extortion - Vehicle Robberies - Residential Home And Apartment Robberies - Store & Business Robberies - Individual and Group muggings - Strong Arm Robberies - Prostitution & Escorting - Street Gambling ( Dice , Craps, Cards ) - Establish and independent and efficient drug and firearm sale standard in Los Santos - Purchase and Operate a business front for laundering and business purposes ( Strip Club, Chop Shop, Motel/Hotel ) - Expand Grove Street Territory , eventually reclaiming Grove Street itself. - Engage in Gang politics and business techniques with local gangs and arrange alliances 1 : Pusher 2 : Gangsta' 3: Enforcer 4 : Hustler 5 : OG Pusher : The pushers are the entry rank of all set members, and set members holding this title will find themselves constantly put out to task by other set members. Usually assigned to a simple and non violent task. These are the corner boys and the fellas posted up on the corners. Always ready and willing to step up to the plate and take any task no matter the risk. However a Pusher needs to know his place as well on the totem poll and political rank and structure within the Forum Drive Families Set. The Pusher is the first to get sent into the store for smokes and booze, and the last to get called to the party. Just the way it is. Gangsta' : The Gangsta' is the second rank and next step up in the ranking structure within the gang. A set member with this status will more likely be independent and mildly established and known within the gang. They will also will have been with the gang for a longer time than the Pushers. They will not be bullied and hazed as much as the Pusher's, however Gansta's are not OG's themselves either. The set will usually call on a Gangsta' to do what a Pusher would go overboard on. Instead of dealing with drugs or other business and milder interactions, you will be entrusted with more responsibility and the expectation that you are always willing to put work in at a moments notice, and not be afraid to beat on some fools or extort some cash. Enforcer : The Enforcer is the third step on the ladder a set member will climb within the ranks. The Enforcer would be an experienced set member, who has both proved himself in his work as well as time committed to the gang. An Enforcer has been around a while, and has probably seen his share of situations on the block. He will have handled too many hand to hand deals to count, and have robbed probably every damn store in the City. Not to mention no Gangsta' can be moved up to Enforcer rank in the set unless he has put in some serious wet work. Meaning any Enforcer has caught multiple bodies odds are, and have shot and wounded countless others. Not to mention the Enforcer is usually assigned to the most important tasks at hand. Whether it being put out on a hit for a rival gang member, or protecting one of the OG's the Enforcer is always ready to drop brass for any set member in dire need. The Enforcer never fears imprisonment, only disparagement of Grove Street Families. The enforcer is a specifically inclined protector as well as task taker, and is known to carry the biggest piece and usually have some sticks in his apartment or vehicles trunk for the members or himself to use if needed. The Enforcer is the always the first homie at the front of a scrap or potential gun brawl situation. Hustler : A hustler is set member who has nearly climbed to the top. He would have been putting work in for months and is always around town, dependable and reliable. Like the set ranks before him a Hustler is always to be expected to put in work and provide for the Family. However a Hustler is also held to a higher business and political expectation within the gang hierarchy. This means that other set members will be looking to you for guidance and help in regards to everything from apartments to crash at, a whip to get around in and or other financial or asset support for the set itself or a specific member in need. A hustler is a top earner for the set, and also needs to possess as much restraint and street smarts as he does a violent edge. A hustler is the type of set member to turn a potential gang fight into an alliance, but at the same time capable of dishing out rounds from the AR' in the backseat too. A Huslter is the definition of a well rounded and renown set member. OG : Top dogs are what the OG's are. The cream of the crop , the best of the set. They could have been founders of the Forum Drive Families, or have worked their way up from the bottom to climb through the ranks through the years. There are only two ways. The OG's are the shot callers and logically therefore make all major and even minor decisions in regards to the set and it's activities. What the set does, where it does it and how it does it all has to go according to how the OG's say. An OG is to be respected and feared , as well as defended with your life. An OG's mere presence is an honor but not as much as it is a responsibility to protect. If in conflict, a rival gang would always be coming for the OG's first. so protect them by any means necessary. An OG is quick to ask for a favor, and just as fast to bark with a demand. Whether it be picking up some product, or dealing with someone you better be ready to take an order from an OG if it comes down to you. - Devon " Doe Boy " Clarke ( OG ) - Daeqwon " Test " Williams ( OG ) - Reginald " Slim " Cassius ( OG ) - [ UNKNOWN SET MEMBER ] ( Hustler ) - [ UNKNOWN SET MEMBER ] ( Enforcer ) Turf : Forum Drive, Chamberlain Hills. 1 Grove Street families throughout their existence have been known to wear green colored clothing of different types and variety and tone of green. From their hat, to their shoes. Whether or not they are wearing multiple green articles of clothing or just a shirt or other accessory. Any sign of green clothing could be an indicator you are looking at or talking to a member of a Grove Street set. Specifically the gang tends to be seen in green sports jerseys, T-Shirts, Hoodies and other flannel like shirts and the like. Their colors are a symbol of both affiliation and pride, and they are willing to defend that green with their life. Grove Street Families have been known to use a variety of vehicles, most of which are usually casual looking sedans and or coupe type vehicles. Some members are known to drive larger SUV's and other vehicle types however. A lot of previous sets are also known to use various van types for burglaries, kidnapping and other sketchy tasks. The main telling point of the vehicle however will be the color obviously. The whips Families drive around in vary in purpose from business to pleasure. Whether cruising the block blasting tunes, patrolling the turf, or eluding the cops we intend to have a G'Street vehicle for every homies need. Joining the Set is not as simple as just approaching a member on the turf and asking, and there is a lengthy and thorough vetting process that occurs for each potential new Set member. Let it be known aside from the required IC interactions and actions required to join the set you will also need to do an impromptu OOC Server Rule Examination. This can be conducted in /b or /ooc IG and or with a simple word document you can fill out and submit. After that you will need to submit a screenshot of your UCP on the character you are RP'ing with Families. Your screenshot is to determine your status with admins and or any previous incidents of server rule violations. If you get through both the IG and IC and OOC stages of recruitment and complete your assigned initiation you will at that point be an official Forum Drive Families Set Member, and will automatically be placed within the Pusher Rank. If you think you are up to the cut for repping G' Street you can glance below at the recruitment stages and additional relevant recruitment information below. • Set Contact • Vetting • Approval • OOC Examination • UCP Disciplinary Action Check • Initiation Grove Street Families has been and will always be a predominately African American street gang, and if you intend on approaching the set that should be known. Unlike most gangs Families also welcomes female members to the set.
  2. Selling my house on Grove St. Price starting at $150,000 Contact me through this forum or my number #5275348
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