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Found 7 results

  1. Here i link the unlisted video with the footage you need.
  2. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6061_4750 Date of rule breach: 7/27/2018 Time of rule breach: 12:00 - 12:30 UTC/GMT +3 hours Your characters name:Tyler Red Other players involved: none Specific rule broken: 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. Fail RP and Non-RP How did the player break the rule?: I was waiting in Mors Insurance for my car (talked with an admin), and one moment a guy with mail delivery car drove next to me, (i was afk for a min) and if i came back, he got me injuried (i dont know if he punched me to death or shot me). He didnt have a reason to injury me and i think that`s wrong. Also he frisked me with no roleplay. Evidence of rule breach: *Screenshots about him injuring me and frisking me without rp*
  3. DisgustingPig


    So me and my friend were waiting for some drug dealers to resupply, there we see this guy so we block the alleyway with a car run out to him scream STOP THE CAR OR WE SHOT, he starts backing out, so we shoot, he gets out with an AK shoots us bunch of times but we get him first, so he's lying there injured so i run up to him trying to frisk him and he instantly leaves after that, literally 2 minutes later the entire order shows up and starts hunting us down, he didn't inform anyone of this incident before he left so he must've did it when not in the game, he was also lying about his friend, yes his car was there but we've been scouting the area for quite some time and there was noone there, so his friend wasn't on the spot, which means he must've say something while out of game. So after the order chases us (about 15 minute chase) they get my friend and i escape, been waiting about 30 minutes for Urgent report only to get told to post on forum. After that i PMed the guy and he seems to have excuses for everything unfortunately OBS wasn't recording screen (god dammit) which i didn't know during the PMing, so what i have is a pick of the chat where i was trying to frisk him and he leaves and the PM chat where he has all the excuses The Chat - Him leaving - http://prntscr.com/jl8zr4
  4. Player(s) being reported: Mask 9450_6399 Date of rule breach: 07/02/2018 Time of rule breach: Roughly around midnight GMT. I might be off by an hour or two. Your characters name: Michael_Booth Other players involved: Damien and GP (I will get them to post their POV's) Specific rule broken: Complete disregard for his own life/safety, as well as ignoring attempts of roleplay. (FailRP/NVFL) How did the player break the rule?: A mate of ours Mr.Spanner has been having issues with some people down at LSC, we offer to help him and set off after them. It becomes apparent very quickly that they have no intention of stopping so we decide to give chase. The three players we chase are all in seperate vehicles and end up splitting up, Myself, GP and Damien end up following the same vehicle and eventually ram it off the road where he gets an engine failure. We then exit the vehicles and point our guns at him. We're talking 30 meters or less with 1 Automatic Weapon and 2 pistols. We proceed to order him to exit the vehicle or he will quite obviously be killed, but he continues to try to turn his car on, we kept giving him chances cause we really wanted RP out of this but he insisted on staying inside and turning his car on, rather than exiting to roleplay with us. Evidence of rule breach: http://plays.tv/video/5a7c5627a82077a4dd/failrp
  5. Your player name: Jeff Zed Player you are reporting: Cole Phelips Senior lead officer Rule broken: FailRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting:i aimed a gun to the officer's head for more than 2 seconds and he pulled out a taser when i said hands up it was 2 seconds later i wouldve killed him if it was real life Time and date: 15 oct 17 Evidence: https://gyazo.com/4d6f114a83b53b86774361c756d6447a
  6. Your player name: Pablo_Gomez Player you are reporting: Stranger 2500_7131 Rule broken: NLR, RP, RDM. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Hello, im writing this post because this guy ( Stranger 2500_7131) made us lose almost 13500$. We tried to steal his wheat but, when i said "Hands up!" while I was aiming him he tried to escape, then when he was on the ground i did /frisk but he ignored me and he tried to call the police. Then he came back and he took his van (In the same place where he died 5 min ago) his wheat and my wheat. After this he escaped and he sold everything while I was talking with the admin MrFluffy02. Time and date: 30/08/2017 16:40 Evidence: In this video you can see everything , except the part where he kills my friend and the part after we call an admin. But MrFluffy02 was there and he saw everything.
  7. Your player name: Vincent Benelli (Stranger 2550 5353) 10 Player you are reporting: (Stranger 5323 9555) 53 Rule broken: Fail RP / VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was unloading my harvest at the farm closest to LS, when he jumped in my Van. He did not RP in any way. I then shot at him after he didn't stop, and then he ran me over, all the time not saying a word or RPing in any way. He then finished me off with his pistol. Time and date: 8:55 PM EST 8/22/2017 Evidence: He killed me so fast I couldn't even get a screenshot unfortunately.
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