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Found 25 results

  1. Properties for Rent - Across LS! #3797036 2-Garage Property || In-City || Roy-Lowenstein Boulevard https://imgur.com/a/FLrr4yf - Property Located Across Impound Availability: UNAVAILABLE 2-Garage Property || In-City || Boulevard Del Perro https://imgur.com/a/dXnTfqr - Prime Location West of LS Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage Property || In-City || North Archer Avenue https://imgur.com/a/hkUkUHi - Property Located Close to LS Bank Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage
  2. Hi, I'm S. Moore and I'm renting out the next vehicle: >> Novak << - Brakes 4/4 - Engine 5/5 - Suspension 1/4 - Transmission 4/4 - Turbo 1/2 There are a couple rules that must be agreed with before this car is being rented: 1*. Impound fees are paid by yourself. 2*. Mors Insurance fees are paid by yourself. 3*. Getting the car broken down means you will get it towed to LSC yourself and all the fees are paid by yourself. 4. Not following-up with the rules stated above or not paying on time means you're not following up w
  3. SELLING NICE, 1G HOUSE IN VESPUCCI. Typical 1G Interior, 500VOL Storage. STARTING PRICE: 150K BUYOUT: 300K Perks of the property: Very Close To High End Market (Los Santos) Very Close To 2 Clothing Stores Very Close To Vespucci General Store Vespucci Beach only one block away! Offer me below or contact me #3255433 https://imgur.com/a/PwBXQQw
  4. As the title says, I'm, Derek Hale, renting my Comet Retro Custom monthly ((weekly)) for $40.000. Text me anytime #4905741 and we can start your renting services!
  5. FOR SALE 2G CARSON AVE. 3 PRICE: STARTING BID 500K Status: FOR SALE Features: The perfect house the perfect location, just what you're looking for, with extra storage as well! There is a storage box that can hold 500 Storage. Renovated exterior. Enough outside garage for around 8+ cars depending on how you park. Contact: Phone: #4521620 Email: BUFF4L0 R1CH#[email protected] Disclaimer/notes: None. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/C1EChHy
  6. Selling a fully maxed Schafter V12 for 170k, hit me up if interested
  7. FOR RENT 1G in Forum Dr. 47 PRICE: $10k per month ((OOC week)) Status: AVAILABLE Features: The perfect house the perfect location, just what you're looking for, with extra storage as well! I have added more storage containers since these pictures and it can now hold 350+ Storage. It has a built in part around the side. You can fit 2+ cars there and a couple bikes. Contact: Phone: #4521620 Email: BUFF4L0 R1CH#[email protected] Disclaimer: This house is not for sale as of now, each month's rent has to be payed in advance. A month st
  9. Looking for cheap apartment or house 90k max preferably in center of LS. Requirements: 1 or 2 car garage. Please send locations or advice. This will be my first property purchase as new to LS.
  10. Selling my Warraner for 7k. Text 4248500 or respond to this thread.
  11. The house is near the water. Nothing special to be honest, it's just a chill area near the docks. Sometimes some weird dudes come by boat in the parking lot next to the house and leave unusual crates in the parking. You might be interested in doing business with them. Call 5391749 or email me at TheCactus#[email protected] if interested.
  12. Looking to buy a 1G with a budget of 50-70k. Preferences on locations would be near the mine or Foundry, but pretty open to other locations. Contact me on my phone #4417545 or email at DMOrion#[email protected]
  13. Selling fully maxed Chino Custom for a good price, Make An Offer !!! Breaks 4/4 Suspension 5/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo 2/2 Full inside&outside cosmetic upgrades, hydraulic, etc. Contact me #5147933 - Kayle Carlson
  14. It is close to Tequi-la-la, with a big backyard and a pool for your leisure. Please contact me at 4817573 or leave a message below if you are interested. Offer me your price (Price is negotiable!!!). No low-ball offers!!!!!
  15. Hello, I am selling my Specter Maxxed out $290.000 PRICE NEGOTIABLE Grab your chances. MAX SPEED: 235 KM/H Brakes 5/5 Engine 5/5 Suspension 5/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo 2/2
  16. I am selling my Primo Custom, 1\2 turbo. =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Paul Torreto Phone: 4921079 Email: ((Paul_Torreto#5521))@gmail.com =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: Primo Custom Color: Black Reason for selling it: I need bigger car. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 12,000$ Stock price: 18k =================================== Vehicle images: =======
  17. I am selling my Tampa. =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Paul Torreto Phone: 4921079 Email: ((Paul_Torreto#5521))@gmail.com =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: Tampa Color: Blue Reason for selling it: I need bigger car. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 20,000$ Stock price: 18k =================================== Vehicle images: =================================
  18. Looking to buy a cheap car, just something to get around town. Most dealerships don't have much inventory. My phone number is 3152895
  19. LUXURY VINEWOOD HOUSE 3 CARS - WITH A BEAUTIFUL VIEW TO THE CITY - 1 MINUTE AWAY FROM TEQUILA LA LA Today I'm happy to present you all with the lucky chance of walking away with a new home. The house has good outside size, you can park your vehicles inside or outside and will look pretty nice. The house has a big yard, from where you can relax or meet up with friends, talk about business and more. Starting Bid - $1 Current Bid - $180,000 (price is updated every few hours, when we check latest bid) Pictures Exterior
  20. Looking to sell my beautifull Villa in Mirror Park, Mirror park is one of the most beautifull location, the location contains - ATM, $ 4 Fuel Station, General Store, Giant park and clean space around and sorround, large neighboroud and nice neighbours, the neighboroud is not "dead" like other neighborhoods around Los Santos, this place is alive! and you can live there in a perfect Villa! Probably a place you would love and worth living! Villa's Details: As we can see there is big space in the front yard and back yard, place for around six cars.
  21. Lovely house for sale very cheap Message if interested 42958888
  22. Selling My Upgraded Manana For only 99k The car costs 122k stock without any upgrades. Its for sale at High End Dealership Call 4295888 if Interested Its a convertible or softop very nice cool looking car.
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