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Found 27 results

  1. FOR SALE Description: These properties are located in the Downtown Vinewood area. All units come with one bedroom/living area, a bathroom and closet area. One of the units was recently renovated, it comes with a nice king size bed, huge flat screen tv, wood floors, and more. What does this property have to offer? 4 Units side by side (top floor units) Walking distance to Los Santos Bank ($$$) Private Garage (never get towed at bank again) Private Staircase (A door can be added at the top of the staircase if you or friends own all the units.) 24/7 Store nearby (You can get a late night snack) Location: Pictures: My partners and I are looking to sell the following four units: Meteor St. 33, Meteor St. 34, Meteor St. 35, Meteor St. 36. Looking for offers at least 300k and above per unit.
  2. Im searching to buy a 2g or 3g house. Make your offers below. Marko#1170
  3. SOLD FOR SALE Description: This property is located in the heart of Paleto Bay and it comes furnished. It has 2 bedrooms, living room, back room, kitchen, storage closet and a bath room. What does this property have to offer?: Huge driveway that can fit 2 land vehicles. Walking distance to Paleto Bank. Nearby the new Sheriffs Department. Nearby a car dealership. Seconds away from a gas station. Nearby a General Store. Many great fishing spots nearby. Starting Bid: $800,000 Buyout: $1,100,000 ((Buyout price set at the door)) Location: Pictures:
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking to get few cheap vehicles - Just make a list with the vehicle you wanna sell, and name the price, phone number aswell so I'll be able to contact you.
  5. Looking to purchase a home in the Paleto Bay area. Budget is around 600k.
  6. Currently looking for a really decent looking 2g or 3g, preferably 3g house. Doesn't matter location or price, preferably cheap and affordable, but bring any prices and houses! 600k+ budget! SMS- 4396401 - Samuel Rojas Email - zeusecta#[email protected] ((discord without the @ of course))
  7. Contact me at: TheDevilsMuse0#[email protected] Homeless, current available money is 150k needing a place for my Husband and I. We are getting jobs soon(fingers crossed) Please include photos (interior, exterior and location), price asked and contact details. Thank you. XOXOX Moxxi
  8. I am looking for a 1g or even a 2g near the prison Hit me up with some pictures/location/price Trying to stay around the 400k mark
  9. ((You would find this page as you scroll in the Marketplace Ads - The AD would contain a comments section.)) BUYING A CHOPPER Hello ! I'm looking to buy a chopper in a good condition. My budget doesn't allow me to get a brand new bike, and that's why I seek a second hand chopper in a good condition for a good price. So ... If you have one and you are willing to sell it for a low price please comment below the brand, model and price or send me an email to [email protected] (( Send me a PM in forum since the email is not real ))
  10. Looking to buy ===>> 1 Garage OR 2 Garage house <<=== 200k budget
  11. Hello, Today I am selling this 1 car garage property located in Jamestown. Its a simple apartment for anyone who is new to the city and is interested in getting their first home. Features - Entertainment system. - Home computer - New Wooden Floors. - and custom lighting to enhance the living space. All of these are included in purchase of the property. Opening offers start at 190k
  12. looking to buy a 2g house, doesn't have to be in or near the city budget of $300,000 Dave Benson #3386274
  13. Looking for any loan bank, contact #3086997 with offers.
  14. I would like to buy a 1-2 g house at SANDY SHORES, prices from 100.000 to 300.000 dollars. Contacts: 5542525 See you soon, James Rowan
  15. Hey! I'm looking to buy a house with 1 or 2 garages. I have only 150K! Contact me here. Thanks!
  16. Hello there, I'm Benjamin Joergensen. I am looking for a house that I can sit back and relax in. I have a relative flexible budget from 100k to 300k. I am willing to only pay what I deem it worthy, so only serius offers please. You can get a hold of me on my phone currently, since I have no idea how all this internet email stuff functions. 3121612 Benjamin Joergensen
  17. Hey everyone, Looking for a house in Blaine County or the surrounding area. Not picky just looking for a place to call home. Hoping to hear back from someone soon! Thanks again.
  18. Looking to buy a Bravado Bison, please post offers. Or contact 2057127 (Stock is 58k)
  19. We all know the struggle of finding and selling your home, well that shouldn't be a problem now! I think this should be implemented into ECRP as there is no easy way to sell and buy your homes, this would be a brilliant addition to Eclipse RP as it would make the RolePlay Experience more immersive and realistic. I'm currently working on a website for this but for now, I have made a discord for it. This would make everyone lives easier and all of the problems you're getting in refunds about housing would be sorted out by us. To keep this as in character as can be I think we will need an office somewhere in town and a system which allows people to come in and see me if, ECRP ever decide to take all off this into account people should be able to send a request to view at one off the houses, The system should work that the seller has to sign their houses to us and when we sell the house )and do all the hard work) we take a cut from that and it automatically transfers the rest ion to there bank account. Dynasty as a business can grow and expand is the leading Real Estate company in Los Santos. I'm JJay and I represent Dynasty 8 and its founding Dynasty 8 Discord
  20. Looking to buy a 4 car garage mansion somewhere in Los Santos, please reply here or pm me if you are selling one. Thanks.
  21. GamerKurisu


    Hi all. Looking to buy a cheap Brioso off someone as cannot locate any in our great cities garages
  22. Looking for a cheap house or apartment with 1 garage. location doesn't matter and I don't mind if it's across the map from the main city
  23. Hey all, Looking for house <45k and with a 1 car garage. If you are selling text me at 463-6932. Thanks, Gregory Howell
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