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Found 10 results

  1. Account name: vuki Character name(s): Vuk Minkhalimov Admin who issued punishment: @Mickeyyy Date of punishment: 12/Nov/2019 Punishment received: 60 Minutes in Ajail Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching #1 Your explanation of what happened: I found myself as a passenger in a police cruiser that was in a pursuit with a blue sultan occupied twice. Over Tac radio it was confirmed that they had shot at our Bike pursuit unit. The bike fled as he was under fear rp, but the helicopter never lost visual of the vehicle. More and more units got behind the blue sultan when we got orders in tac to shoot at the tires to stop the vehicle as we had confirmed shots fired from the blue sultan. A couple of 2 man units were shooting at the sultan including me and Cyrus Raven. As their vehicle spun out I shot and injured the passenger of the vehicle. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I believe it was a genuine IC issue, we had visual of the people that shot at Arnold the whole time by a helicopter so we were 100% certain it was them and The DM was not intentional as I was quite far away and shooting from a moving car going over bumpy sand. Which now that i look at it, was definitely not a good idea both IC or OOC as we were clearly instructed to shoot tires not the vehicle itself. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Account name: JayG Character name(s): Jay Biggums The admin who issued punishment: : DimitriS Date of punishment:28/June/19 Punishment received: Ban The reason given for punishment: VDM/DM Your explanation of what happened: Basically i explained in the FC which i can list below that it was accidental as you can see in there is no full video footage of me purposely ramming the player in the VDM you can see the player carelessly driving from one lane to another he doesn't then back his camera on me I have also tried to appeal this but not received any replys as of yet another were for an Accidental DM which i were in previous interactions with another member of his Gang i circled the area went back after not dying to then see him which I thought were the guy that shot me with a SMG pull up which you can see in the video listed I just shoot him now i thought it were him it were only until i realized after i killed him and looted him it wasn't because he didn't have an SMG, I then went ahead to report which were accepted by Brock to ask for a revive for him for misunderstanding but he said it was an RP mistake so he couldn't.. i did state in /b over the guy before he died that I was in another situation with another Gang member of his but he didn't want to listen I did this because in the first one he accepted he said if it were accidental you need to /b and tell them all will be listed below Why should your appeal be accepted?: Well due to the faults I know now to take care more in playing and to record better so I can back myself up.. and they were little mistakes. I have tried to list that it was accidental and get my point across that none of my act's were deliberate. I believe people learn from their mistakes and can assure you it won't happen again If unbanned i will be sure to not. If a player does not show aggression to me, to pull and start shooting. act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay Will also not. Use a Vehicle to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt.. Kill someone without a proper roleplay reason. if for instance, it does I will be sure to let them know using the correct way to avoid this situation again /b record "I can't see as accidental if it really was then you could've explained it to him in OOC chat" Post any evidence or further details: all evidence is in these links. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/21676-id-43-dm/?tab=comments#comment-108332 I posted a Ban appeal and a MOD told me to re-post and follow the correct format so I have.
  3. Account name:BigJeff Character name(s):Jeff Zed, Jack Paul Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature Date of punishment:22/5/2018 Punishment received:Permanent ban Reason given for punishment:(over 20 warnings/punishments) Last punishment being death matching. Your explanation of what happened: I have broken many rules that I was fairly punished for, although I'd like to believe some punishments throughout my accounts were uncalled for, biased, etc. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm going to make this short and straight to the point as I'm being as genuine as I can be with this appeal instead of writing an essay of bullshit, therefore I'd like to start by saying that it's been a year since I've last applied for an unban, and a year is a long amount of time for self reflection, Furthermore I've completely changed as a person in many ways and I could say this in extreme confidence. I'm requesting an opportunity to be apart of the community once again and hopefully have a clean slate as I would not want to be the type of person that instills toxicity within this community again by my mischievous behavior that led to my initial ban, and I would like to show you that I truly have respect for the rules this time and would make sure I follow them. I'd like to state two things beginning with the fact that I messed up my last appeal because of a glitch on the website so I didn't get the chance to say things that I wanted to say at that time of course I do not remember those things now though. and moreso the fact that I used to enjoy playing on the server, and I would want to redeem myself and my past bad actions with positive ones by having a chance to get back into it. Post any evidence or further details:[N/A]
  4. Account name: Xeater Character name(s): Mason_Smith Admin who issued punishment: Osvaldon Date of punishment:10/Nov/2018 09:47 Punishment received:RWT Reason given for punishment:suspicion of RWT i guess. Your explanation of what happened: Person Reason, I'd like to DM the reason as i did to @BallinByNature Why should your appeal be accepted?: I know what i did was wrong, but i had a reason. I'd like to DM you and explain me. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  5. Account name: shalami Character name(s): Carter Navaja Admin who issued punishment: Triple seven Date of punishment: 06/03/2018 Punishment received: Permaban Reason given for punishment: FailRP and FearRP. Your explanation of what happened: Its been almost a year, im not going to go over the things I did all I can say is that im sorry, I admind I did wrong, I got ban like 3 times in a row, I was behaving wrong whit admins and whit other members of the community because of the thins that was happening to me IRL. I think I have take the time to think about my actions and what they made me lost (I lost almost all my money in game when adminds brake my gang, lost my mantion that got sold for less than what i pay for it), if im giving the chance I will show the community that people can change, and will became and example of good RP. Thank you! PD: im open to talk about my past actions or about how i will act now avoid problems.
  6. Account name: Youri Character name(s):Tyrone Biggins Admin who issued punishment: Flucial Date of punishment: 23/09/2018 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Ban Evading Your explanation of what happened: It all started at 4-5-2018 22:08 i joined eclipseRP for the first time i got recruited by my school friends I didnt know anything about roleplay so when i started playing it was most of the time just poor roleplay cause i didnt know what to do after about a month i had 16 admin logs on [Niels Klooster] so i made a new one [Jimmy Wilson] I wanted to start over again cause in that month i learned alot about the server and the roleplay on there lets just say i learned how to RP finally.. So when i was playing on the account [Jimmy Wilson] i was in the gang The Order It all went great until someone knew it was me and he shouted it to the Order gang leader and i got kicked out of that faction 😞 Then i started to hang Around at bayview just some Social RP just talking to people now and then. Until Brian O Connor Knew that it was me [ Niels Klooster ] Then i got banned For having to many Admin Logs on bove accounts [ Jimmy wilson had around 4 logs together 20 logs in total ] So i quited for a while went on vacation and stuf And then when i came back my friends were still playing eclipse and i liked the server to thats when i made my first ban appeal and it got denied sadly Cause i disrespected staff in discord. Then My friends and I were trying to get me back on the server so they teached me How to ban evade. So i bought a new GTA Account and i got a VPN from my friend tried it and it worked we were all so happy. I applied for PD got accepted 4 days later i done 4 FTP's And completed all of them. I liked being an officer cause it was alot of teamwork. So once there was a funeral of a officer so i was just driving Alone in the city as a cop. I saw this police movie once and i wanted to RP what happend in that movie So i told the players if they wanna do a cool RP scene they said sure. So i explained them what to say and stuff. I didnt go as planned. My captain asked me if i need a time offduty i said yes So me and a friend were at Los Santos Customs with some other old friends just talking. Then something happend IRL what im not going to say in this appeal I went to 2 admins Marco Davis / Lewis Langly and told them that i was ban evading. [ In the begin i made this account to prove that i was good at RP and that i wanted to show that to everyone. ] With the hope they will understand that i was just trying my best to show that i was a good rper. Then I got banned by Flucial for Ban Evading [ I used my commonsense to know that ban evading isnt the right thing, But i also didnt find it in the Rules at that time ][ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t32pTy6QT9Lu7MBkqB4Eq7oKustLegT1/view ] ( I talked to BallinByNature and He told me i can make a ban appeal ) *** (BALLINBY NATURE ALLOWED ME TO MAKE THIS APPEAL NOW) *** Why should your appeal be accepted?: Overall i learned my lesson about everything that happend this year on eclipse Roleplay. I just hope im going to be accepted so i can play on this server again. I talked with BallinByNature for a bit of advise. I also talked with players. I Hope that im going to be allowed to play on this server again so i can finally play with friends & family. Its almost new year and christmas vacation. And i hope i can enjoy my vacation on this server with my IRL friends. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  7. Account name:Carl Strand Character name(s):Carl Strand Admin who issued punishment:Flucifial Date of punishment:12/8/2018 Punishment received:30 minutes IC jail Reason given for punishment: breach of fearRP rules. Your explanation of what happened: Rolled up to a RP situation where someone was getting mugged. as stuiped as it sounds. Within the rules i have breached no rules regarding this. so after i have inserted my self in the situation, the guy with the shotgun rolled up and started robbing me aswell. he demanded me to get out and hands up. i did exactly what he wanted. he then instructed me to simply drop my gun. i would also like to add that. since the gun shows at your back. he instantly assumed i had a gun. but realisticly, the gun could be consealed under my clothing. so after this he was forcing me to drop the gun with 0 rp. no /me or /do. he simply instructed me to drop it. i asked him if he wants me to drop the gun while my hands up which would also be unrealistic. he later on initiated a countdown which was forced and gave me no time to try and RP. i was instantly executed after the 5 short seconds. this is another breach in the RDM rules. where i'm supposed to get more than one chance. incase i mess up or if i'm too slow. the whole situation was terrible from the other person. Why should your appeal be accepted?: the other person who i reported broke multiple rules in my eyes. RDM and Meta (assuming i had a gun by looking at my gun OOCly and not having IC proof). Flucifial rushed this appeal. i'm not sure why. but i also got punished for "talking" which he clearly typed as a response. Last i checked talking is natural and i was never instructed to shut up or anything in sorts. since the RP was over text. it's hard to make your opinions clear. also 5 seconds is nothing for a person to do stuff RP wise by selecting gun and typing in commands. completly rushed and terrible from the other player and staff member for not paying close attention to BOTH povs. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/12956-stranger-133_3468-rdm/ .
  8. Account name: Desiro Character name(s): Joel Brigg Admin who issued punishment: FartherOsborn Date of punishment: 02/02/2019 Punishment received: VDM | #2nd Offense (MAJOR) | Not here to RP > Appeal. Reason given for punishment: Driving round the city like mad men. Your explanation of what happened: Driving round the city as a bus driver, trying to earn some money. Desync caused me and @Walkers a lot of issues, causing us to keep crashing into Things, People, Each Other. We got to the PD where on the corner was a gas tanker I didn't see this until it was too late causing me to crash into it. JJay also had the same issue and crashed into me in turn running somebody over. We called a medic and continued, figuring he'd be ok, being so close to the PD. After we finished the route an admin took us into another dimension where it was decided we would be banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm here to RP, It may not have seemed like it, but I was. I told JJay numerous of time to stop crashing into me but he didn't, At this time I didn't know it was desync. I've been a member of the community for a long time and I don't & Didn't want to cause as many issues as we did. I apologize on behalf myself and JJay to any of the people who's RP we may have affected, this is not how I planned my night to go, but unfortunately it did 😞 Post any evidence or further details: Possible video from admin?
  9. Account name: NikoTheOG Character name(s): Nikolay Morozov Admin who issued punishment: Polarblunk Date of punishment:22/Aug/2018 Punishment received:22/Aug/2018 Reason given for punishment: Vehicle Deathmatch Your explanation of what happened: It has been a quite long time ago, so i really don't remember the situation. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I had enough time to reflect on my past mistakes and to not commit such mistakes again. I was new to Eclipse at that time and had less knowdledge about the server rules. I took my time to read the rules properly this time, and i won't rulebreak.
  10. For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the Ballas faction thread: It is believed that the Ballas gang formed at some point in the early 1960's in Los Santos in an era where gang activity and crime were rampant in the inner city community. Originally the group was formed in a joint effort to combat what the local African American population felt was an overbearing, racist, and corrupt Los Santos Police Department, after decades of government mandated reform the Ballas are now known for their more recent bloody and violent opposition to another local gang known as Grove Street Families. Although the reason for the war between the two gangs is widely unknown, the two gangs struggled over turfs from the early 1980's to the early 2000's however the train tracks now serve as a clear divide between Grove Street and Jamestown Street and the gang on gang violence has been dormant in the wake of movements such as Black Lives Matter. The Ballas are known in the street as being responsible for the death of Beverly Johnson mother of notorious Grove Street leaders Sweet and CJ in 1992 sparking an increase in gang on gang violence in the area. The Ballas have moved around throughout various areas of Los Santos in various groups known as sets. Some notoriously violent groups such as Rollin Heights Ballas, Temple Drive Ballas, Jefferson Ave Ballas, Front Yard Ballas, and others have made a name for themselves but have been eradicated by either gang war or incarceration. Presently there is only one active set of Ballas within Los Santos known as the Jamestown Hood Ballas. Around Jamestown gang life is not easy but it does come with its perks. Growing up in poverty in the Jamestown Community Projects offers low-income home for many of Los Santos poorest residents. Children and young teens are often exploited and used for criminal activity at a young age due to lenient sentencing for minors. The Ballas are known to exploit its younger members having members work the corners selling drugs, participate in robberies and theft, and being scapegoats or distractions in binds with police. Gang members participate in several activities such as playing dice in the alley ways behind Jamestown Street, involving themselves in the Hip-Hop and EDM scenes through music from artists such as Youn$ Dro, and showing off their low-rider vehicles and other cars accented with Ballas Purple. Members often conduct front jobs such as delivering for the postal service or simply live on welfare. If they represent the hood well, they may be put on payroll by the local gang leaders or be cut in on the more profitable illegal activities. Members of the Ballas have been known to have deep roots in the drug trade as well as arms trade, however they are known to be focused on profitability rather than bloodshed. Interaction between the Ballas and the local Los Santos Police Department have died down recently as gang violence also has plummeted in the area. Many believe this is due to modern day Los Santos street gangs focusing more on black community activism, anti government movements, and police brutality. The Ballas are known for their fanatic love for the color Purple, also referred to in slang as Burple short for Ballas Purple. Although purple is their color of choice, it cannot be used to accurately identify members of the gang due to the fact that local thugs will enforce the purple dress code within the community regardless of if they represent the Ballas gang. If local residents of the community are found without some sort of purple attire they are likely to be harassed, jumped, or robbed by the local thugs. Likewise, visitors of the area are also at risk if they enter parts of the city claimed by the Ballas gang. Ballas commonly refer to ones purple clothing or accessories as their grapes. Gang members are often under the influence of a grape drink known as syrup or lean which they sip out of styrofoam cups which is typically a concoction of prescription grade promethazine, grape juice, and sprite. Full fledged members of the Ballas gang will receive a purple bandana also known as a rag which they're required to keep with them to demonstrate their affiliation. Ballas members can be spotted rocking the Los Santos "B" baseball team logo hats and tattoos as well as tattoos sporting their sacred Mother Mary whom is at the center of Ballas cult like religious beliefs. Jamestown Community Projects are a set of low-income housing projects in the lower south side of Los Santos. These project buildings leave a lot to be desired in terms of living conditions but provide extremely cheap means of housing for new city residents which the gang uses to its advantage often forcing low-income residents to pay illegal taxes for owning property within the gangs turf areas as well as recruiting low-income members whom are often easy to exploit with the profitability of illegal activity in Los Santos. As mentioned, Ballas will enforce all community members to fly the purple gang colors even if they are not affiliated with the gang. Jamestown Street's 504 and 514 blocks are notorious for illegal gang activity. The project housing located on the 504 block provides cheap housing for illegal activities such as trap houses, whore houses, and drug manufacturing which is difficult for police to keep track of and monitor. All in all, the Jamestown Hood Ballas are spread along the lower south east side of Los Santos and are known for their fluid living situations, often having large trap house group homes as well as several stash locations. Members often switch housing with other members or family members on purpose to throw off Police task forces. The Balla Code is the set of OOC rules the Ballas faction expects every member to adhere to at all times. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. We expect your character to have his or her own background story that you're able to roleplay in game. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction. Attempts to PM faction leaders or members to join the gang will result in immediate rejection. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. Violating Eclipse RP server rules may result in removal from the faction on an OOC level. If a faction member is punished by an Eclipse RP server admin they're required to report it to the Ballas faction leader with their explanation of the events and how they plan to avoid further issues. Faction leaders (O.G. / Don) have the ability to initiate a CK of any the faction members if they deem necessary. A faction member will be notified of the CK upon being killed by a faction leader. In the case of the CK being carried out successfully, the faction member would be removed from the faction and the character would be effectively killed off from all past interaction with the gang. The entirety of this faction thread is OOC and no knowledge from this thread should be used in-game by any players. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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