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Found 3 results

  1. Account name: BruceWayneline Character name(s): Bruce_Elliot, Thomas_Elliot Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 08/18/19 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Not here to RP Your explanation of what happened: I saw a police car chasing a motorcycle, and started following to see what was going on. Although I didn't know the person on the motorcycle, I felt like helping him, and when I saw an incoming police van, I stopped in the lane to block him. The van was a fair distance away when I stopped, so I expected the driver to stop, but instead he crashed into me (understandably). The driver (who was the moderator) stopped and asked me in /do if I would be seriously hurt from being hit by the van. Using /do, I said something along the lines of "no, because he would have moved with the impact and the bike took must of the hit". When I did this, the driver typed in OOC that I would realistically be seriously injured from a hit like that. We argued a little - at which I insulted the quality of the server at one point - and then I drove off, thinking it was a waste of time. He tp'd me back to where the crash happened, and we argued more. At this point, I said something like "this is why people are leaving this server", and then the driver banned me, stating that I was "not here to RP." Why should your appeal be accepted?: Although I was too angry to realize it at the time, I see now that I acted wrongly in the situation. I should have RP'd correctly after being hit in the first place, and I shouldn't have argued or insulted the quality of the server (I was not aware that insulting the server was not allowed). Despite what I may have said, I truly do enjoy playing on Eclipse - I have made numerous friends and spent countless hours. I apologize for how I behaved, and promise that, if I am accepted back, I will take the RP more seriously, and won't argue with moderators. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Account name: fastz Character name(s): Finley Mulloy Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 2019 05 05 Punishment received: Permanent ban. Reason given for punishment: Using cheats(paper crosshair on the monitor). Your explanation of what happened: I believe i let my emotions spread out and i started using a crosshair to be better than other players. I have to apologise to all people i killed in RP while i was using crosshair. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I guess all scums deserves to get a second chance. Im apologising to staff and people to whom i lied, my actions were inappropriate. I would like to come back in this community and keep roleplaying. Post any evidence or further details:
  3. Account name: Character name(s): Lance_Monteriga Admin who issued punishment: SantinoDeferro Date of punishment: 8/17/19 Punishment received: permanent ban Reason given for punishment:cheating Your explanation of what happened: I really dont know what just happened I just log in the game and couple of seconds it says "connection closed" i was just standing at bank on that time and my friend Yoshimar Maybach just payed for his loan and afterwards my connection closed when I relogin it says that im banned for the reason of cheating tbh its just my my first week of playing in this server and Im not using any cheats or files that can take advantage to the other players. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because Im not really using any cheats or mods. Im just playing normaly i was just got shocked that i got banned for the reason of cheating I swear. I was really standing infront of the bank. Can you please double check the id of the cheater cause i guess i got banned for wrong id. You may check the logs that Yoshimar Maybach just payed me 6650 on that bank, we were both standing infront of ls bank. Thank you! Post any evidence or further details: I dont have evidence cause i just suddenly got banned. But if you still doubt me i can let admin to use teamviewer to check my game files and i will let him to use recuva application to check my recycle bin i guess thats fair enough to check if i deleted a cheat file or i used cheat file that the admin told to me.
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