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Found 4 results

  1. 2 Garage Home - Standalone Home with a Big Backyard $24k per ((week)) - $2k less per week you stay, down to $18k per ((week)) Large Garage out Back (3-4 cars easily) House at edge of Grove, quiet street with little activity. Contact Jasmine: 270-7250
  2. | 2G | | Looking For A 2g HOUSE, not Apartment | | Contact me #2634982 | | 3g may be acceptable if we figure out a good deal |
  3. House Specification: Type: Duplex Garage: 2 Garage Miscellaneous: Custom house design with several spacious drawers, a fridge (1 for regular, 1 for alcoholic beverage), clothe cabinet and a safe Amenities: Amazing Huge Pool, Spacious backyard and garden space, Private car porch Location: Near Fish Drop off point (Gentry Lane 1, West Vinewood, Metro Los Santos, SA) Starting Price: $850,000 Click Me! To view the House Gallery!
  4. Hello, I'm interested in buying any 2 garage houses located in Mirror Park or any surrounding suburbs that are close as I currently work close and would like to freedom of walking to work. Feel free to text me on 5366564 or email me. Kind regards, Richard Pearson
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