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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 88, and ID 4 Date of interaction reported: 23/SEP/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1632413433 Your characters name: Reggie_King Other player(s) involved: Brayton_williams Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. 5. Disrupting Server Operations and Knowledge of Rule Breaches Players must be a positive community member and remain respectful with everyone at all times. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 4 decided to punch me through the cell bars and injure me without any RP, after I came out of Med bay (I WAS TREATED), I then respawn & ID 4 had spoken to ID 88 & ID 146 to clearly get them to try jump me, I don't see why? I just came out of med bay and hadn't even conversed with neither of them, I then go to ID 4's cell and start speaking to Brayton, ID 146 and ID 4 Start to talk rubbish to me so I give back which ends up in me being knocked out, ID 88 Then comes up to me and decides to kick me on the ground even though I didn't have an interaction with him, Brayton then aims his .50 at ID 88 at this point he ignores all demands. as far as the Roleplay is it more or less ends here, Then ID 4 starts to be Toxic via /b and so does ID 88. Evidence of rule breach: OOC toxicity - https://imgur.com/U0SyTxM OOC toxicity - https://imgur.com/ppW25jW OOC toxicity - https://imgur.com/sbdXK6y FearRP - https://streamable.com/lcn7ft Random DM - https://streamable.com/lbs5t7
  2. Looks brilliant lad!!
  3. MY RESPONSE ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― To start this off I would like to mention the fact that ID(258) did indeed give demands loud and clear, it could be a potential case of him whispering in game this wasn't a case of his Mic not working I think the evidence should be inspected on his side, Also I didn't get out and fire a single shot. I had no clue that this was about to escalate. Struggling to grasp the accusation of NRP still. Your statement Please explain the original intentions that eventually ended in shooting the reporting party. The individual approached us via no occurrence, He indeed did follow us for a lengthy amount of time in attempt to start a fight which I think is NRP The reporting party had followed us then proceeded to boast about clapping us and then asked multiple times if we wanted to see his shotgun, you hear me reply "I don't care" I was saying this due to us wanting to have no intentions with the individual he proceeds to boast about killing us and having a heavy weapon on him From prior interaction we knew full well he was armed and wanted to fight us [SITUATION AT MD] which GiorgosK Cleared up for us. If you drive up to two gang members and boast about having heavy weaponry & talk about killing them & clapping them I'm not sure of the outcome he was expecting Here is a few points id just like to add. ID(258) did in-fact say "Get off the bike or I will shoot you." I also think there is some potential Rule playing coming from the reporting party [Taunting us round area where he knows we can not retaliate] - PRIOR THIS INCIDENT There was No VOIP issues as we spoke IC after the incident He had been trying to bait us for a really long time. He was affected OOC I'm unaware why? I understand when someone breaks the rules you are upset, But to go to the lengths of spamming really ruined the experience for my self ID(17) & ID(258) We are all here to maintain quality roleplay and have fun. This all for my reply, thankyou for taking your time Wolokai142 & Yputi to handle this report.
  4. Hello, Reggie_King here (ID17) Thanks to the admin/support that handles this report. As for my side of the story, This specific individual had followed us for absolutely ages, not sure of the reason, He then pulls up talking about if we would like to see his shotgun? I proceed to tell him I don't care. From me, That's all there really is so me being accused of breaking NRP has me a little confused, I didn't even get out the vehicle for a good five seconds, I had no knowledge he was going to shoot. I don't understand what outcome you expect when you come up to us after following us then to proceed and tell us "Wanna see my shotgun" and talk about how you was telling us we would "Get clapped". And yes I didn't have a my shadow play on as it drops my fps, As for ID 258, He did give clear demands to the reporting party I'm unaware of why there not in this clip. If we could maybe see an edited unshorten version or maybe uploading it elsewhere not sure if it would help, Anyway, Thankyou if I am needed any further let me know. Note: @Emptee I'm bewildered on how you failed to bring up or mention our interaction prior this? Not the chiliad situation, Sea labs. Quotes from the reporting party: "where I was gonna ask if they still wanted to see the shotgun" - I don't understand why you would say, seems like bait. "They had no proof of me actually having the shotgun" - From our prior interaction we believed you had a shotgun. "these 2 guys then decided to hop out of the car and start shooting" - Looking back at your POV maybe its better off amending it, I didn't shoot once. "I also asked for POV from both sides" - You was informed we didn't have POV, and you Proceeded to spam people in-game/discord. "This is extremely unrealistic considering that these guys did it on an open street" - Coming up to two masked men saying "Want to see my shotgun and procced to boast about clapping us is not really realistic. "Later on I catch them at Grapeseed" - The individual party had followed us for a long time, this wasn't a random occurrence. refraining from replying until asked Screenshot of the reporting party PM'ing me. https://imgur.com/gallery/eeo3QKu - Discord messages. https://imgur.com/gallery/xKohNfC - PM's towards me (17) https://imgur.com/gallery/s7ltlDk -PM's towards (258)
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