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  1. Hello, Reggie King here. As stated before i have all evidence of jack_mcroy getting his money and we shall wait for an admin to confirm that. also please provide your POV when accusing me of "powergame" "metagame" "You also sold real life money for GTA 5 rp money" edit & post your POV. Don't reply to this no further as it may be locked and both parties won't be able to reply, please wait for support/admin here is the first $50,000 sent. [https://imgur.com/gallery/Ufo1MIL] i have another screen shot I will edit and post once uploaded, thanks.
  2. Hello, Reggie King here. I would like to start off by saying his edit is wrong! for proof of transaction you can feel free to message my on discord the full amount was repaid also as for "ghosting" you was told yesterday that I wasn't around you then told me you understood so I'm not sure as of why you have put this in the report. Yesterday a member of staff explained to you of why there was a wait and why I wasn't around, I didn't know that you couldn't sell off credit apartments when the staff member told me I resolved the issue yet you have brought this to the forum when its
  3. Did you check your spam folder? if you didn't do something within the application its sent back to you. Double check your emails.
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