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  1. Hello, Doug Peterson here, First off, thank you members of staff for taking this report. Before I explain the events seen above as well as the situation itself, I’d like to say that I’m a bit confused as to why the reporting party made the report in the first place. Nobody informed me to save POV and they had no involvement in the RP scenario or the leading up events whatsoever. This RP situation started almost an hour before the events that are being displayed above. Myself, as well as members of my group were involved in a fight (not related to ID 119) where we took multiple shots and had wounded allies. In the midst of assuring our members lives is when ID 119 and a friend (didn't get an ID) stole a hakuchou drag from our downed member. They then took it north to the right lake chop where it was destroyed moments upon us showing up (According to the owners vehicle alarm/tracker). We spotted ID 119 leaving the chop location following these events and we pursued him for roughly 30 minutes, managing to take all 4 of his tires in the process. Eventually ID 119 realizes he can’t evade with no tires for very long and stops where the footage shows. We talk to him and ask about his friend that was with him, the money for the chop n what not and eventually just started to vibe with the man and just sat there and chatted for a minute with zero hostility and nothing was taken to my knowledge. The situation between ID 119 and the rest of us was settled IC’ly and both parties left with a positive RP experience at the end of the day. As the reporting party approach us initially, you can see that nobody at this time is threatening ID 119 and simply has his hands in the air and I believe this is because he told us he was somewhat new to the city (also had around 20xp i think) and maybe just didn't know how put them down at the time, but he can speak for himself if I'm wrong.
  2. Hello, Doug Peterson (ID 455) here. Firstly I'd like to thank the staff that are reviewing this post for taking their time to help us out right now. I'll try to describe my pov to the best of my ability since I wasn't told to record the situation that occurred so that hopefully you can all understand what transpired during these events. I don't have too much to add to the report than what Chris Blunt (ID 459) had already stated. At the moment the sultan stalled in the bodycam provided my vision was pointed towards my fleeing friends in the Issi as they were being shot at and I was just looking after their well being. The moment I started to hear the officers demands I turned my camera around to analyze the situation the befolded upon us. Before I could make a quick and tough decision of getting out of the vehicle or not, the Sultan engine started up again and we were gone. I understand the cause for the report after seeing the officers bodycam and am aware of the rules regarding Fear RP. This was a very intense situation at the time and I hope that the admins can understand where we were coming from as we are not here to ruin RP but to add to it with some IC conflict (The encounter with PD itself and a possible chase that could have followed.) Thanks again for taking the time to respond to this report and if there are anymore question/concerns about the situation please don't hesitate to ask.
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