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  1. Thanks handlers for taking the report. I feel like this is a very petty report. The attackers eventually got what they wanted; a fight. We never finished the chop and had no chop money on us. Them asking us for the chop money did not make sense to us. If they did not follow us but actually went to check on the chop, they would see that we left the rebla there. We wanted to avoid a fight over a 3k chop, but they kept following us, harrasing us. I honestly believe they were there just to harras us and to bait us out for a shootout. To my knowledge, 'slow speeds' means going ~20 as an alternative to running around, as in most cases the demands will be invalid if you circle around at these speeds" My boss told me to go around 80 as he did not want to stall. I believe 80 is actually not that slow. I personally consider going 20-30 slow. We went 80 to still have a decent pace but not crash. Crashing would mean we probably had to fight them. In the meanwhile, there were 15 Russians setting up somewhere to help safe us. That's why we had the urge not to stall. I was only following the order I was given at the time. Another reason for going around 80-90 is because of the cops. I personally don't want to get chased by police and then arrested. Therefore I tried to avoid police attention. There /b usage was very patronizing. Overall I do not think we were ruleplaying or trying to avoid them being able to give demands. We did not want to stall so we kept a decent pace and also tried to avoid cops. I find this very petty cause they got the fight over 3k (that we never had) they desperately wanted. Piece of the part where they followed us (Dimitri’s POV) that shows they didn't really care about us but just wanted the fight. https://streamable.com/9jk0pf
  2. My character Marcus Falcone that I play as comes from a extremely rough background where he has absolutely nothing, which does indeed make him very desperate / slightly reckless in his life choices in order for him to make money whatever the cost as he’s barley surviving in Paleto Bay. Unfortunately I do not own any evidence on my side as I don’t know how to record/ screenshot gameplay, however as I was parked on the right hand side of the road, one officer stood away just ahead of my vehicle, and the other officer was stood on my right hand side still in front, one officer ran past my vehicle going after my friends leaving on officer with me and leaving the left side of the road completely open and clear for an exit. If the left side of the road was blocked off via a vehicle, or another officer then I would of had no chance of exit and therefore wouldn’t have fled. I’m not sure as to why but In the evidence shown it dosnt show my character ducking, I can tell you now I was holding ‘X’ while driving so my character was visibly ducking on my screen while driving, showing that he was trying to protect his life by taking cover to avoid any shots at his direction, and not just being reckless. I understand that from their point of view I was being aimed at and I just decided to drive off, however in my head I did try to revise and exit route which I did fully plan hence the waiting for a few seconds before pulling off. Please be aware this is only my first week into eclipse, second ever encounter with the police, first ever encounter being aimed at by a weapon, so if my actions did seem like they were breaking any rules, or if I’ve upset anyone In any sort of way by my actions I do sincerely apologise, and I do believe in a people learning from their mistakes, and if given a second chance I will most certainly rectify said mistake by making sure it will never happen again in future scenarios.
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