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  1. Had multiple interactions with the boys, it was nothing short of great experiences so far. Good luck boys, make it happen
  2. Much love and respect bro, we trying our best to provide best experience for everyone
  3. @RamoYou have tagged wrong Person as ID 21. I am not in the footage
  4. Thread and story look sick so far, Eager to RP with you guys around the city. C'mon Brody
  5. Nothing but respect to every single individual reppin the green, had tons of interactions with the group and they were so good. Much experienced and they know what they are doing. C'mon Chris make it happen fam.
  6. Yup I am here Paul Chyz A.K.A Kai Blader/ Kai De La Cesaer from NGG 2010 - Untill merged
  7. Rooting for you guys, Keep up the good work. Had amazing experience with Charlie and Jackie. Best of luck guys
  8. Hey! Thank you for your response Harveyy and thank you Jeff too! I would like to reply to Jeff's comment. Jeff was mentioning that he counterfeited money with the approval of Timmayy. I would like to know if you mentioned to Timmayy that the amount of money would be 1.1mil, and in addition, if you mentioned that you are going to do that in a 24/7. As I see it, when it comes to scamming, and scamming for a large amount of cash (1.1mil in this case), a lot of RP should be done during the process of counterfeiting the money. Realistically, you can't counterfeit money in public, and obviously not in a 24/7. Moreover, in order to counterfeit money, I believe that you need to get an ALT-RP approval and that you should RPly buy and build your own special printers that can print a counterfeited money (All the process should be done with a documented RP obviously). These steps are crucial for the process considering the fact that the counterfeited money should look like it is real. In this case, I believe that you broke the NON-RP rule as it states "Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay". The individual (Jeff) RP'ed printing fake money in a 24/7. First of all, in a regular 24/7 there aren't printers and you stood infront of the cashier, instead of a printer. Secondly, the action of printing counterfeited money is illegal, which obviously make it impossible action to be done in a public place and moreover in a public 24/7 which in this case is also next to the bank. People are constantly moving in and out and the process is long. Legal business like a 24/7, can't be printing in public counterfeited money and obviously not 1.1mil. The player didn't mention which bills he's printing and as can be seen in the evidence both me and him provided, he did it infront of the cashier which also makes no sense. Moving on, he stashed 1.1mil in a bag, in the middle of a 24/7, on public with a large amount of it being fake. To sum it up, I believe that under the right circumstances, this scam would be okay. But under the current circumstances, in which it's obvious that the player broke a rule in order to commit it, I believe that it's not IC and it should be taken to forums. Letting a player scam for 1.1mil with simply 3 lines of RP promotes very bad roleplay from my point of view, and I do believe that it should be enforced. Thanks for reviewing it again and I hope you have a great day!
  9. Hello and thank you for taking your time out and handling this report, I was just curious and I was trying to make him understand that you can not lie in /do. I know I was frustrated but my only intension was to make him understand as he was pretending to know about it but he still lied. I asked him to save his POV in which he replied to " done " . One more thing if you can check logs you can see we signed the contract. Once again I am sorry for going into OOC chat, but my only intensions was to make him understand nothing else. I am sorry, it wont happen again.
  10. Welcome to Eclipse mate, Nice to see you here <3. I am from NGG too 2010 - Untill it got merged with horizon
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 206 - Jeff Winter Date of interaction reported: 28/7/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1627416196 Your characters name: Paul Chyz Other player(s) involved: ID 82 Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 10. Powergaming (PG) Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do. How did the player break the rule(s)? Me and Jeff winter signed the contract which can be proven by checking logs as I dont have POV of that, we signed the contract which states " 1.1m cash for my Drag " and he signed it and when he RP'ly gave me the bag of cash I asked him in /do how much is the cash and he kept saying 1.1m cash and I even asked him in /ldo because I was having a doubt and he still said 1.1m in /ldo and asked me to give him ownership since I have given him ownership papers on the bike and he rp'ly gave me bag of cash upon transfering the vehicle he only paid me 10k and he lied in /do and /ldo even ID 82 was there and he can provide vouch for it as well. I reported in-game, Kimeybear accepted the report but he logged out of the server. Please check logs, logs will prove that he lied and he told me that he was recording so he can provide the POV on signing the contract as well. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/ig6mul https://streamable.com/hd5wcb
  12. Paul Chyz was born and raised on the streets of Los Santos. Paul's father was a drug addict and used to beat his mother. One day Paul was out cycling around the streets, and when he came home he found out his father killed his mother due to lack of money for drugs. Paul was in tears. Young blood and familiar with the streets, he left his home with just a BMX. He decided to choose his own path and destiny and promised never to act like his father. After watching the death of his mother Paul decided not to be a drug addict like his father used to be and instead he became the drug dealer and started supplying drugs around the hood but he never consumes the drugs as it remind him of his mother death and motivates him to make money and have a good life One day he was cycling around Grove Street only to find some young boys like him reppin in purple, he was inspired by the hustle, loyalty and respect for the brotherhood of those. He walked up to them and had a deep conversation with one of those most respected Gs. Things got into flow quickly as Paul was young, determined and eager to find some work. He came to know they were the Ballas and they decided to give him a shot by asking him if he can sell some shit around the hood to keep the guys happy. He failed multiple times at the beginning as he was inexperienced but he was dedicated to his work and still wanted to prove himself. At last he was successful! After watching his dedication and motivation the OGs decided to give him a chance by making him the Hoodrat. Paul was happy as he was young but it was a great achievement for him to get some respect and loyalty. Days passed Paul was gettin more respect was his work and dedication towards the gang and hood the OGs were impressed by Paul's work and the progress he was making he was quickly moved up the ranks to Buster. He was loyal, hustler and became one of the most respected and trusted members of the gang When Paul first came to Grove St, the primary goal was to gain trust around the area and he was successful in gaining respect. Paul became a true Balla according to the leader Billy Sanders. Now his goal is to expand the operations outside Grove St into the rest of the hood, keeping the hood safe and lively. His most important goal is to keep his hood brothers safe and making sure that Ballas are always on top no matter what the situation is. He is improving day by day and getting involved in deep operations with the OGs as he wants to be one of the OGs in the coming future so he can lead them the right way as the OGs have always done! TO BE CONTINUED
  13. I really appreciate your response that completely defines the entertainment and Paintball isnt really only for PD/SD. It will much more fun all the people from different backgrounds coming together and enjoying their time. I agree, it's has cons too but the thing is now a days all we can see is gangs fighting each others and then PD/SDs arresting bunch of guys that's it classic Los Santos. Addition of Paintball will open new area of entertainment and enjoyment as long as people dont take it as a beef and use it as a reason to kill/harm someone outside of paintball. A BIG +111111111111111111 . Devs make it happen please. We can't wait for it.
  14. After reading the backstory, The thread doesnt look nice and it is not appealing by anymeans. I would suggest you to do some more work before making it to the official thread. It will help you guys. You can use the current/Past official factions threads as an example. Not impressed
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