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  1. Why would I want to log back in to the scenario where everyone was clearly playing by their own rules? The whole situation was blatantly lacking RP, including yourself and the officers. Let the admins decide now. Regards, Bruce Biscuits
  2. Hello All, Character Name: Bruce Biscuits I did in fact come back to the scenario but there was no one there and I did not have anyones information to contact them regarding the disconnection. I found it very unfair how I was run over by the black 4x4 (as seen in the clip), and when I was asking for an ambulance, it was ignored, even by the police at the scene. What made it even more confusing was how the people who ran me over kept stating that “they would take me to the hospital”, and the police officers seemed to be okay with that. Tell me how this is RP? In reality, if
  3. Hello All, Character Name: Bruce Biscuits The player making the report (141 in the video) did not show proper RP etiquette whilst initially in prison, he grieved and deathmatched other players and guards including us until we got him to calm down. We eventually gained trust and agreed to make a deal, he then snaked us which was infuriating because it seemed as though he can play as he wants whilst others he snakes over have to adhere to the rule list. I agree this situation did not show fair role-playing, however he did not show fair RP from the beginning so we felt cheated. I
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