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  1. I love the RP I’ve gotten from FSO, keep up the good work guys!
  2. Hi Alex! You’ll catch on fast and love it here at Eclipse, I advise you to always have a recording software going in case you need to report a rule break!
  3. Amazing posts, I love watching you all in RP, the RP scenarios that were given to me from you all were amazing as well. Keep up the amazing work.
  4. As much as I love the idea of growing weed from your own home, it would kill labs and farmfields like people above me has said.
  5. Hello! Glad to hear Eclipse is interesting to you! I personally have and still do love my time on ECRP.
  6. Whats up Jon! Hope you enjoy Eclipse!
  7. THIS FORUM POST IS OOC, YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY OF THIS KNOWLEDGE YOU READ IN CHARACTER! Stefano Pilati is an Italian man born in Naples, Italy of the year 1993, July. He grew up in a bad household and was forced to look for friendship to distract him from the pain and disappointment his family has brought to him. He found himself in the wrong crowd at the age of fourteen and it led him into the world of violence and drugs. He ran with a small gang and ran drugs throughout the streets of Naples until one evening of the year 2012 he was caught in the act and served years in prison, a
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