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  1. Thanks to the @MrSilky for taking this report. Dark Army and LNF were set up at Juan's chop 2 allies tried to get out and give demands they failed and the guy on chop shop roof began to shoot and this started the whole shootout you can see in my POV that Kon peeks us and starts firing shots so we all started shooting at him which ended up with him dying very fast. This is my POV: https://streamable.com/7eeoan
  2. Well there was a shootout between 67,Dark Army and LNF at Juans Chop so this was still an active shootout Here is my POV: https://streamable.com/1zxfaz
  3. Hi Jay Kello here I did not even shoot at this player logs will prove this if any more is need please ask me
  4. Hi I want to thank the admins for taking their time with this report, as you can see in the POV that has been provided I was VDMed the player knows that this was a rule break and still did it anyway and I was not happy about this and decided to come off for the night. If anymore information is needed please tag me - Jay Kello To add to this I would like to include that the reporting party is seen in his POV to be tracing my friend through objects even though he has not even seen him or made any contact with him or never seeing me radio to him once, I think this should be looked into. This is show in the POV - https://streamable.com/lfq0mx (0.46) Furthermore, he can be seen swinging an angle where my friend is even though he has no view of him and there is no indication of him going there this is at 0:49-0:54 when he gets his shotgun out and tracks my friend through the tree. My complete reason for the combat log is that I was on a radio frequency with my gang and after this guy was clearly breaching VDM/DM rule I knew this could change the RP drastically for my friends and allies and I did not want to have to watch this get taken advantage of and it ruining the RP experience for the people on the frequency.
  5. I did not as i was in a rush i apologize for this
  6. Hi sorry i was trying to finish the roleplay with the officer as fast as i could as i had somewhere to be irl and was in a rush when he mentioned that i had to go to prison i knew it would take far too long for me to finish the roleplay and im very sorry for this but the matter being urgent as it was i had to go
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