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  1. A opportunity taken Javier Arrived To Los Santos after 2 months of not being in the city. Ever since he disbanded Sindacco life hasn't been the same. He's been struggling, low on money and he couldn't buy food or water, well at least he's not homeless. Javier decided to take a step out of the house and walk over to sandy md to wait for his friend to pick him up. While waiting he saw some bikers he asked carefully are you guys bikers? The man said yes we are the lost mc. Javier talked to them for a bit then the man said if you want to join call me. Javier called h
  2. Hello, thanks for telling me, but no the airport is not a ncz. Its a ncz if its used for special events. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/aXoraKq
  3. Javier decided to speak with a man named Noah that wanted to join Sindacco so Javier gave him an invite, They spoke at Sindacco's HQ about making a legal side of the gang because Noah had wanted to join. So Javier Established a legal part of the family and some new questions for the people that would want to join the legal side. Noah Passed the Legal questions and illegal questions (25 questions in total) So Noah became a trial recruit, Legal side. Javier and Noah went to go get ammo at the gun store Noah happily bought Javier ammo for his pistol. Sindacco is ready for anything ba
  4. Sindacco History Sindacco was founded back in 2003, Javier was a criminal when he first arrived into the city he wanted to make money he wanted to know the ways of the criminals in the city and build up. He robbed cars, hit stores, and killed people. He decided to apply for the down town cab company when he was working there he met two employees (his brothers) which later became Sindacco's Co fondatori's he spoke to them for a while off duty about the crime life starting a gang or joining one the employees names were Alex Duglin, and Myles Duglin. When Myles and Javier were working t
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