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  1. Your clearly crying and HUNDRED PERCENT I WILL GUARANTEE this is not ur first report lmao... look how much ur crying as if I robbed ur items when I didn’t... it was a clear mis-happen when I killed you which was completely by accident. I had no intentions on robbing or killing you... you were fine after. I’m just confused as why u kept chatting complete rubbish via coms... or I would of apologised but nah I don’t think so with the way you were talking... oh and fyi, if u didn’t wanna argue you could of just solved it between myself in /pm and I would of apologised if u spoke nicely but clearly u wanted to cry on here lol
  2. His members, this is one of the videos that the members decided to post, he obviously joined in and began chasing... so I began choosing my victims from one of them to slowly decrease down. (From what i was told from sparky via radio) He just joined in mid way... I had all rights to DM
  3. They were chasing him, ramming him... needed back up, so I told him to come around the apartment (it’s night time as well so every1 should realistically be asleep) I came outside to save him and had all right to dm considering he’s being told to put his hands up and stuff...
  4. Just took the bike (which was completely normal and fine) then came back with his bike with no intention to steal. Figured why not just give it back... then accidentally killed him. Obviously he was cursing me so I wasn’t gonna apologise after that. Then decided to take him to the hospital but obviously the medics came and revived him. Simple as. idk why were even talking about this, ridiculous how people just fc over small things when not losing anything or anything even happening to them in such drastic situations. it’s just plain crying, the vdm was by mistake and allowed you to get revived. I didn’t nonrp anything and nor did I power game.
  5. Dwayne

    Player 97 DM

    I was the one who checked your inventory, I had no intention on taking anything. (Which I didn’t). After I began checking his inventory, the medic aimed a gun at me and told me to leave in which I did... My friend, Jazz... who came back and aimed a gun at him and shot him due to the fact the medic aimed a gun at me. (He has all reasons to kill him because he had my life in danger and would want him put down).
  6. Dwayne

    ID 251 [Fear RP]

    i see nothing wrong, I role-played... after you said get in, i went to your bike to get on "like you said"... and then you proceeded to say go down, which i followed... but i just wanted to re-phrase in /b that you aren't allowed... and i continued to rp... but you then left me there afterwards. the first scene shows my car being rammed for absolute no reason, after proceeding to do that... you then aimed guns, fairs. i didnt continue to turn my engine on. i had my engine on ready to go... you looked away, so did your friend. (nobody was aiming at me). - i accidentally hit you on the side since i was turning and went off... i didnt intentionally ram you but attempting to get away... so it was a lucky escape for me at the end. no rules were broken.
  7. Dwayne

    ID 251 [Fear RP]

    lol... I showed fear rp, I followed your instructions, you had no clue on how to rob or what you were even doing... no fear rp was done, i drove off as soon as you walked away with your gun, he didnt aim nor did you have a nice day sir
  8. Dwayne

    ID 251 [Fear RP]

    And again... let's see why you were robbing on a MAIN ROAD in broad day light. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting guys.
  9. Dwayne

    ID 251 [Fear RP]

    You did... you did have guns pointed at me. (empty guns) lmaooooooo. I did nothing. My car was ready after I re-turned it on after stalling it... But I didn't go. I only went when you turned around. No fear rp done WHAT SO EVER. Next time... have 1 gun pointing at me the entire time and not look away, haha.
  10. Dwayne

    ID 251 [Fear RP]

    Both of you pointed your guns away? - Giving me the advantage to drive off. AS SOON AS YOU MOVED and turned away, I drove off.... Was an accident that I hit him (curved the guy, but he's fine though...) No fear rp done what so ever. Have a nice day.
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